Car Accident Injury Lawyer – MN Threshold


The No-Fault auto insurance law in MN makes sure that everyone’s medical bills are paid after a car accident (up to $20,000). This is regardless of fault.  However, the No Fault law also limits other compensation for a car accident injury e.g. pain and suffering, unless the injured person meets a certain threshold. To learn more, call us for a free consultation. An experienced Minnesota car accident injury lawyer will discuss this with you in more detail.

Injured in Car Accident No Fault Compensation
Injured in Car Accident No Fault Compensation

The statute that can be found here: This Minnesota law says that even if the other driver is at fault in causing the auto accident, the injured victim can only get additional compensation if he or she meets a certain threshold. See below for more details. In other words, you automatically get your medical bills paid. However, you only get pain and suffering compensation under certain circumstances.


No person shall recover damages for noneconomic detriment (pain and suffering or other compensation from a car accident injury) unless:

(a) The sum of the following exceeds $4,000: (1) reasonable medical expense benefits (related to the car accident injury) paid, payable or payable but for any applicable deductible; plus (2) the value of free medical or surgical care or ordinary and necessary nursing services performed by a relative of the injured person or a member of the injured person’s household; plus (3) the amount by which the value of reimbursable medical services or products exceeds the amount of benefit paid, payable, or payable but for an applicable deductible for those services or products if the injured person was charged less than the average reasonable amount charged in this state for similar services or products, minus

(4) the amount of medical expense benefits paid, payable, or payable but for an applicable deductible for diagnostic X-rays and for a procedure or treatment for rehabilitation and not for remedial purposes or a course of rehabilitative occupational training; or

(b) The injury results in: (1) permanent disfigurement; (2) permanent injury; (3) death; or (4) disability for 60 days or more.

(c) For the purposes of clause (a) evidence of the reasonable value of medical services and products shall be admissible in any action brought in this state. For the purposes of this subdivision disability means the inability to engage in substantially all of the injured person’s usual and customary daily activities.


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