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Injuries frequently happen in the home, and sometimes when you are in someone else’s home.  Our lawyers have represented many people who were injured at a friend’s or relative’s house while visiting.  These cases can be uncomfortable claims to make because no one wants to sue their friend or relative. But if you have significant medical bills or time missed from work, you may have little other choice.  One purpose of homeowners insurance is to provide coverage for an injury accident on the owner’s property.  Part of the premium that the homeowner pays for this insurance is to cover just this situation.

If you are injured in your friend or relative’s house, they should want to make sure you are compensated for the accident.   They should not have a problem with you bringing a homeowners insurance claim to pay for your medical bills and other losses. Many of the injury at someone’s home cases our attorneys handle in MN involve a homeowner who feels terrible about the accident and wants to help in any way possible, including by providing their homeowners insurance coverage.

This is not to say that the homeowners insurance company will easily pay the claim. The law in MN generally favors businesses and homeowners over the victims of an injury on property. That is why there are many law firms who will not handle these types of cases, especially slip and fall injuries. At the Rochlin Law Firm, Ltd. our injury lawyers have successfully handled numerous accident cases involving slip and fall injuries and other accidents occurring on someone else’s property, including homeowners insurance claims. For more information about these types of cases, see What happens if I am injured on someone else’s property?


People are often surprised by how many situations homeowners insurance will cover. Homeowners insurance will cover dog bite and dog attack injuries, physical injuries such as one person accidentally hurting another person while playing football outside, injuries caused by the homeowner away from the house, and many others types of personal liability accidents.

Homeowners insurance also covers more than an accident on the property of the actual owner, but also often covers family members who live at the house and cause an accident. It even covers incidents family members away from the house. For example, if you are walking your dog and the dog bites someone or injures them while you are outside, away from your home. Or if your child accidentally injures someone, even away from home, e.g. at school, your homeowners insurance will most likely provide coverage.

If you are injured at someone’s house, or accidentally injured by someone who owns a house (or their family member who lives with them), call us and speak with a MN homeowners insurance lawyer for a free consultation. A top MN attorney will explain your rights to you and help you obtain fair compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, and additional compensation for your pain and suffering. Please call us right away because the initial investigation is very important; especially getting good photographs, saving evidence, and contacting witnesses. Our experienced lawyers know what we will need later for a MN case and it can be very helpful if we can get involved early.