Every case is different and depends on its own facts, so the amount of compensation YOU receive for your accident is dependent on the specific facts of YOUR case. The primary considerations to determine compensation are:

(1) The extent of your injuries and your long term prognosis, including whether you will require future medical treatment or care. We prove this by working with your doctors and other experts.

(2) How your injuries from the accident have affected your income and whether they will continue to affect your earnings in the future.

(3) How your injuries from the accident have affected your life and daily activities, and whether they will continue to affect you in the future.

(4) Whether or not it is clear that the other person or business was at fault in causing the accident and whether there are any aggravating circumstances like a driver being drunk (drunk driver) or on a cell phone or texting.

(5) How much insurance coverage the other person or business has and how much insurance coverage you have.

Having said that, our lawyers have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients over the last 25 years. Here are a few examples:

We represented a painter whose foot was partially amputated when a bolt on a trailer-hitch broke, causing the trailer to fall and crush his foot. He was obviously permanently disfigured, he was no longer able to climb a ladder for his job and had to find new work, and his day to day activities were affected because of his decreased balance. We were able to recover a substantial settlement for our client in this defective product case that compensated for his loss of earnings, disfigurement, impact on his life and his medical bills.

We represented a young man who sustained a back injury in a rear end accident. He was still able to do his job, but had significant pain and headaches every day. He was able to find relief with a procedure called a neurotomy, which is a burning of nerves in his spine. The procedure was effective for him, but very expensive. It was also not a permanent solution because the nerves regenerate over time, so the procedure has to be repeated. Unfortunately, we could not settle his case because the insurance company would not recognize the validity of the neurotomy procedure. Fortunately, a jury did recognize the benefit of the procedure and awarded more than $300,000.00 so that our client could get the procedure repeated as needed in the future.

We represented a woman who sustained a brain injury when she was driving on a highway and the truck ahead of her made a turn with a long narrow pole sticking out of its back end. When the truck made its turn, the pole stuck out into the highway. The pole was not marked and was difficult to see. Because it was a highway, our client ran into the pole going at highway speeds. The pole went through her front windshield and hit her in the head. She ultimately made a pretty good recovery and was able to return to work, but was left with some permanent brain damage that will continue to affect her for the rest of her life. Fortunately, we were able to recover a significant settlement for our client so that she will be able to retire early if she has to.

Our attorneys have represented many children in MN who have been injured in car accidents, on people’s property, or because of dog bites. In those cases, there are two claims: one for the parents’ obligation to pay the medical bills, and one for the child’s injury, scar, etc. We have settled many cases for children so that the children receive future payments that help with college or buying a car or house when they get older.

We have represented many adults in dog bite cases as well, some of them with very serious injuries.  We had one case where a woman’s nose with literally bitten off by a dog and had to be reconstructed with expensive plastic surgery procedures. We also had a case where a dog ripped off a significant portion of a woman’s cheek, nearly down to her chin – requiring substantial expensive medical treatment and leaving her with permanent disfigurement. Fortunately, in both of those cases the dog owners had large homeowners insurance policies and we were able to get a very favorable settlement for our clients to pay for medical bills and additional compensation.

We represented a woman who suffered a broken ankle when she fell down the stairs at her elderly father’s house. She had gone upstairs to get his laundry so she could wash it. While she was upstairs, the father set some magazines on one of the lower stairs. As she was coming down the stairs carrying the laundry, she did not see the magazines – so she stepped on them, slipped, and broke her ankle – requiring surgery. She was a registered nurse and missed about two months of work, in addition to the cost of the surgery. Unfortunately, the insurance company wouldn’t offer any settlement because they didn’t think a jury would ever award money to a daughter against her own elderly father. However, when we went to trial, our client’s siblings testified for her and the jury understood that the compensation was not going to come directly from the father but instead from his homeowner’s insurance. They found our client partially at fault for not seeing the magazines and reduced the award because of that, but our client still received an award of approximately $45,000.00, which paid for her medical bills and time off from work, plus some additional compensation for the surgical scar and pain suffered in the experience.

We represented a young man who was a passenger in a car when the driver was driving on a country road that ended in a “T.”  Unfortunately, the driver did not realize the road was ending and drover over the embankment, resulting in a partially severed spinal cord for our client and horrible permanent injuries. The insurance companies in that case disputed whether the driver had permission to drive the car and whether there should be any insurance coverage.  We were able to obtain a $2.5 million dollar judgment for our client.

We represented the family of a 16 year-old girl who was killed while trying to run across Highway 10 in Anoka. The girl was not in a cross walk and was crossing in the middle of the highway. The accident occurred at about 6:30 in the morning – so it was dark outside – and it was sleeting, making visibility difficult. Fortunately, we were still able to make a wrongful death settlement recovery for the family because we found out through our investigation that one of the driver’s headlights was broken, the driver was driving slow enough just before the crash that she should have seen the 16 year-old girl, and there was some evidence that the driver may have been on her cell phone or otherwise distracted in the car.

We represented a young man who was a passenger in a car that was hit head on by a drunk driver.  Unfortunately, our client was not wearing a seat belt when they were hit at highway speeds, so his head hit the windshield and he suffered very serious facial injuries. However, Minnesota law does not allow the other driver to use the victim’s non seat belt use as a defense and we were able to recover well over $1,000,000 for our client. The settlement helped to pay for multiple reconstructive surgeries, time off from work, and other compensation.

If you would like to discuss the specific facts of your case, you are welcome to call us and speak with an accident attorney for a free consultation. We are Minnesota personal injury lawyers and our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience successfully getting the best possible results for hundreds of accident injury cases. We will meet with you at our office or a lawyer will come to your home anywhere in MN.