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One out of every nine car crash deaths involve a large truck collision. (“Large truck” means gross vehicle weight greater than 10,000 pounds). Semis and large trucks also account for 4% of all vehicles involved in injury and property-damage crashes. Minnesota definitely has our share of car accidents caused by a truck, many with injury and property damage. The Rochlin Law Firm MN attorneys represent people injured in truck and semi-truck accident cases, usually where a semi truck hits a car.


A Semi-tractor-trailer is big and heavy. Therefore, the injuries and property damage after a truck accident are often severe. Our top MN semi truck accident lawyers represent people injured in a car crash with a semitrailer. If a large truck hits your car, the vehicles do not have to be going very fast for serious damage to occur.

In a crash with a semi tractor, people can be injured several ways. For example, the initial impact with the truck, or when they crash into something else (like the median or another car.) In many cases, the car is pushed into something by the truck. Our truck crash attorneys have seen many accidents where the force of the impact with a semi-truck propelled the car into the median or another car. That second impact can be worse than the first.

Because of the dangerous nature of semi-truck and other commercial vehicles, they often have significant insurance coverage. The truck’s insurance can pay your medical bills as well as other compensation for your injuries and car damage. Our car hit by truck accident lawyers in MN have 25 years of experience. We make sure our clients are fully compensated for their injuries after being hit by a semi or other type of truck.


There are numerous state and federal regulations that apply to commercial vehicles like semi-trucks and tractor trailers. In Minnesota, the State Patrol is required to do a complete investigation every time there is a crash involving a truck. However, they mostly focus on drug testing, trip logs, and whether the truck’s equipment is working properly.

Unfortunately, the State Patrol’s accident reconstruction and witness interviews after a truck accident in MN can sometimes be less than thorough – especially in bad weather. Therefore, it can sometimes make a difference in the case if our best MN semi truck accident attorneys are retained early enough to do our own investigation as well. Even after the evidence from the scene is removed, there may be skid marks our investigator can examine. Of course, we always want to do our own interviews with car truck accident witnesses.

Call a top truck accident lawyer at our office as soon as possible for a free consultation if you are injured because of a car crash with a truck or semi tractor trailer. Our Minnesota personal injury lawyers will discuss your case with you and explain your rights. Our primary focus is to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.


The Rochlin Law Firm is owned by Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin. Our attorneys┬áhave 25 years’ experience. We have successfully helped hundreds of people who have been injured in an auto and truck accident in MN. Pam Rochlin is a former partner with Meshbesher and Spence. She was also the 2015 president of Minnesota Women Lawyers, an organization with over 1300 members.

You can meet with an experienced semi truck accident lawyer to discuss your case and injury at our offices in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Woodbury, and Edina. An attorney from our office can also meet you at your home anywhere in Minnesota to discuss your truck accident case. Our lawyers come to Chanhassen MN, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove MN, and Rogers MN. Also, Brooklyn Park, Forest Lake MN, Burnsville, Rogers, Apple Valley, Mankato, Roseville, Maplewood, and other surrounding cities in Minnesota. There is no obligation on your part. Further, we don’t charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.