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A car accident lawyer in our office saw a news article today about a woman being cited after a hit-and-run accident that injured her and her passenger early Friday morning.

According to the Austin Minnesota Police Chief, the police received a call early Friday morning about a motor vehicle striking a tree in the 700 block of First Drive Northwest. Officers found a 2003 Audi A4 Quattro with heavy front-end damage and deployed airbags at the scene. They also observed a 1997 Mazda Portage legally parked several yards away that appeared to have been sideswiped.

Hit and Run Car Accident Injured Insurance
Hit and Run Car Accident Injured Insurance


Police searched for the driver who caused the crash and then ran from her car, but were initially unsuccessful, according to the chief. However, at about 3:30 a.m., an officer was at the Mayo Clinic Health System emergency room when he learned that two women were being treated for contusions and scrapes. The officer asked one of the women if she would speak to him, and she agreed. The suspected intoxicated woman admitted she was driving, although the vehicle was registered to the passenger, who was also at the hospital. Then the driver was administered a preliminary breath test and passed. Therefore, she was cited for reckless driving, failure to provide traffic accident information and having no Minnesota driver’s license.


Our Minnesota car accident lawyers have represented many people injured in a hit and run crash.  It’s almost funny how the hit and run driver almost always gets caught after the crash.  A auto accident lawyer from our office had one case where the imprint from the hit and run vehicle license plate was in the bumper of our client’s car, so the police could read the license right off out client’s bumper. 

In another car crash case an attorney in our office handled, when the other driver hit and ran, his license plate fall off at the accident scene. Our client just picked it up and handed it to the police.  We have seen hit and run drivers who took off after the accident caught in many other ways as well. 

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