Car Accident Lawyer MN Injured By Bus


If you are in a car accident with a bus, you can expect substantial damage to your vehicle. Because a bus is so heavy, even if it is moving at slow speed it is likely to cause serious damage to your car. When a bus hits a car, there is also potential injury to you and your passengers. The law and insurance issues regarding a bus accident with a car in Minnesota is a bit different than a crash between two cars. It is important to have an experienced car accident lawyer in this situation who knows the law and how to deal with the insurance company.

Car Hit By Bus Injury Attorneys MN
Car Hit By Bus Injury Attorneys MN

Bus drivers are usually very careful, and they are trained to avoid hitting a car.  However, bus drivers also have a lot of distractions on the bus. In addition, they are always under times pressure to stay on schedule.  Therefore, accidents do happen where a bus hits a car and injures people in the car. In some cases, it is a passenger on the bus who is injured in the accident.

Most of the big city buses have cameras all around the bus to document who caused the accident. However, other buses, like a school bus or a private bus often do not have cameras.  Therefore, investigation, police report, and witnesses can be important in proving who was at fault in the bus car crash.


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