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A judge recently acquitted a motorist of the most serious charges and convicted her of a misdemeanor for driving more than 65 mph on a residential street in Minneapolis and causing a crash that killed one of her passengers. In acquitting her on the felony counts, the judge found that the prosecution failed to meet the standard that she was driving in a grossly negligent manner. Instead, she was convicted of careless driving.

Car Accident Lawyers MN - Pam Rochlin
Car Accident Lawyers MN – Pam Rochlin

The driver, who was 18 years old at the time, “operated a motor vehicle upon a public street carelessly and in a negligent manner. She endangered herself and her passengers,” the judge concluded in his ruling. “The driving behavior, while negligent, was not grossly negligent.” The judge’s ruling did not mention the MN Department of Public Safety’s disclosure that the driver had no driver’s permit or license.

The County Attorney’s Office took strong exception to the acquittals. “Driving full throttle, three times the speed limit, and passing another moving vehicle while going the wrong way on a two-lane residential road is extraordinarily dangerous driving conduct. That driving has no place on our roads,” said a spokesman for the County Attorney’s Office. “We will continue to prosecute and seek accountability for those who drive like this and cause immeasurable pain and suffering.”

The driver was driving north on Fremont at 66 to 73 mph in a 25-mph zone. Then, she decided to pass a much slower vehicle. She crossed into the southbound lane and hit a curb and an embankment. The car flipped roof-first into a nearby building.” The car was traveling 49 mph at the time of impact with the building.


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