Pregnant Injured Car Accident Lawyers


Car Accident Lawyers for Pregnant Woman
Car Accident Lawyers for Pregnant Woman

Pam Rochlin has been voted a Minnesota Super Lawyer for many years. As a woman and mother, she is especially attuned to women’s issues. One issue that unfortunately continues to come up is where a pregnant woman is injured in a car accident. We have seen a number of different outcomes in these cases.  The pregnant woman is, of course, always most concerned for the baby.  In most of the cases, the baby is fine.  Unfortunately, that is not the situation in all cases.

In several cases, our lawyers represented a woman who went into premature labor after a car accident. Sometimes, the labor can be stopped, but then then woman ends up on bedrest. She will miss time from work, and be unnecessarily scared because of the incident. However, there have also been cases where the car accident resulted in premature delivery. This may not be the worst possible result, but it is still unfortunate. There are many risks with premature delivery.  In addition, the baby often has to be isolated, and the mother is limited in the contact she can have with her new baby.

Of course, the worst possible outcome is a fatal car accident. Sometimes the baby will survive while the mother is killed. However, there may also be cases where the mom loses the baby because of the crash.  That seems to be more likely early in the pregnancy.


Our car accident lawyers represent people injured in crashes throughout Minnesota. Pam Rochlin has more than 25 years’ experience making sure her clients are fully compensated. If you are pregnant and injured in a car accident, call us for a free consultation. You will get a sympathetic, but strong, ear from Pam. We will answer your questions and explain your rights. We can’t fix what happened, but we can at least make sure you are not further injured by being stuck with medical bills and lost wages.  Our lawyers will represent the mother, the baby, and the family. The focus of our car accident attorneys is to make sure you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.