Rear Ended On Highway When Traffic Suddenly Slowed


Car Accident Lawyer for Rear End Crash
Car Accident Lawyer for Rear End Crash

Our car accident lawyers handle many rear end accident cases every year. These crashes can happen many different ways.  In most cases, the accident happens because the other driver was distracted.  Everyone knows about the problem with cellphone use in the car. However, there other distractions as well. For instance, the infotainment system is very distracting.  We have had a number of cases where the driver was adjusting the music or setting the GPS for directions. If traffic slows ahead, there can be a bad crash in just seconds.

Another frequent problem, of course, is when the car behind you was following too close. Again, when traffic suddently slows the driver fails to react in time and causes a crash. It is really a poor excuse to blame the crash on traffic stopping ahead of you. The driver is responsible for leaving enough space and keeping control of their vehicle.

A rear-end collision can cause significant damage and very serious injuries. For one thing, most cars do not have airbags that go off when they are hit from the rear.  That leaves the passengers more exposed to injury.  In addition, of course, the collision is usually compeltely unexpected so the passengers cannot brace for impact.


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