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If you are injured in an auto accident in St Paul MN, the insurance company may dispute who was at fault. However, even more frequently, they dispute the extent of your injury. Either way, they try to avoid paying you fair compensation. This is why you often need an attorney for a St. Paul car accident. Here is one example of a St Paul auto accident case our top attorneys handled:

The crash occurred on a Saturday in September, at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Concordia Avenue near Fisk Street in St. Paul. Concordia Avenue is a one-way street heading eastbound. At the time of the crash, our client was sitting in his car, parked at the curb on the south side of the roadway. He was looking at his cellphone and trying to find his grandfather’s phone number. He was in the area to pick up his grandfather, who was at someone’s house. In fact, the house was on Concordia Avenue. However, our client was not sure exactly which house it was.

He was in the process of calling his grandfather for directions when the crash occurred. While he was parked, something made him look up into his rear-view mirror. Perhaps, it was the sound of the other driver’s car? He could only watch as the other car came up very fast behind him, veered to the left toward the freeway then abruptly to the right again.

At some point, our client knew he was going to be hit. Therefore, he pushed back in his seat to try and brace himself for the impact. Suddenly, the other car violently struck the rear of our client’s parked vehicle. The impact pushed our client’s vehicle up over the curb and onto a grassy area by the sidewalk.


Immediately after the St. Paul car crash our client felt very disorientated and confused. In addition, he felt severe pain in his throat. He slowly got out of his vehicle and went over to a retaining wall along the sidewalk to sit down. He vaguely remembers the other driver coming up and talking to him and asking if he was okay. Next, our client called 911 and waited for the police to arrive. In the meantime, two of his aunts came out to assist, and his wife also came to the scene.

There was considerable damage to both vehicles from this St Paul accident. Our client’s vehicle was totaled. It is believed that the other vehicle was also totaled, as it had to be towed from the scene.

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When the police arrived on the scene of the crash, the St. Paul police officer asked the other driver, “how in the heck did you lose control and hit a parked car?” The other driver kept saying, “I lost control and I hit the gas by accident.” The officer ticketed the other driver. Of course, this makes it easier for the car accident lawyer in this St Paul car accident. In fact, there was not much chance for the auto insurance company to argue about who was at fault.

This St. Paul car accident was pretty severe, and both drivers were injured. However, an auto accident injury lawyer was still needed. Why?  Because the insurance company for the other driver did not want to fully compensate our client for his injury. In this kind of situation, you need a top rated car accident lawyer in St. Paul to deal with the insurance company for you.


Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are car accident attorneys who have successfully handled many cases in St. Paul. Our lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of people get fair compensation after being injured in a car crash in St. Paul.

If you are injured in a car accident in St. Paul MN, you should talk to a lawyer from our office to have your rights fully explained. We have an office in Woodbury where you can meet a car accident lawyer about your case. Our attorneys will also come to your home to discuss your injury case in St. Paul. The initial consultation is always free. Further, we will never charge anything unless we get you compensation.