St. Paul Car Accident Lawyer Killed or Fatality Crash


There are several stretches of roads in St. Paul that are very dangerous for a car accident. Ourfatal carcrashlawyers have handled many auto crash cases in St. Paul. Of course, some of these car crashes result in a fatality.

For most people, it is an unthinkable shock that someone in your family has been a fatality in an auto accident in St. Paul, or a semi truck hits their car and kills them.The family is faced with a range of emotions – heartrending grief, disbelief, shock, numbness, or anger. Worse still, you may be facing serious financial fears that often come with the death of a family member. If it is a parent who is fatally injured: ‘œHow will you pay for the funeral?’ ‘œHow will you survive without her income?’ ‘œHow can I raise my kids without him?’

When a family member – whether a spouse, a child, a parent – is in a fatal car accident in St. Paul MN, there are potential resources for obtaining compensation. In other words, compensation for the wrongful death of that person. This is a primary focus of our car accident lawyers.


If your family member was killed in a fatal car accident in St. Paul, our top attorneys can help the survivors obtain money compensation through a wrongful death claim. Minnesota law allows compensation for the loss of companionship, comfort and guidance of the family member who was killed. This is in addition to the loss of income caused by the death of a parent, husband or wife. Of course, there can also be reimbursement of expenses for medical care that was needed just before the family member was killed in the accident; and reasonable funeral expenses.

Many of these types of compensation payments are available if your wife or husband is fatally injured in a car accident in MN. Compensation is also available if your parent or child is killed in an intersection accident or some other way. There can even be wrongful death compensation for the adult children’s loss if a mother or father is killed in an auto accident. Likewise, if your sister or brother is killed in a car accident. Our best car accident attorneys will explain these fatal car accident claims to you during your initial call to our office. We can also meet you in person at your home anywhere in St. Paul or the surrounding area.

Our car accident fatality lawyers have handled many cases where someone has died in a motorcycle accident, car accident or because of a semi truck in St. Paul MN and throughout the state. We understand that the loss of a family member is a tragedy that no amount of money will ever replace. However, we take these cases to heart and work hard to obtain fair compensation for the family members. We know you are suffering and will be left with this permanent loss.


Whena personis killed in an auto accident in St. Paul, or anywhere else in MN, the surviving family has a right to compensation through their own No Fault insurance coverage. No Fault Benefits are usually paid by the decedent’s own automobile insurance company. This is in addition to a wrongful death claim. No-Fault benefits include income loss compensation and replacement services loss occurring within one year of the date of the car crash. This is limited to $500.00 per week but is still helpful

If a family member is killed in a car accident, No-Fault will also pay to replace household service that would normally be provided. For example cooking and cleaning or household maintenance. This benefit is limited to $200.00 per week. Again, this is compensation separate from a St. Paul wrongful death claim that a car accident attorney from our office can help you with or explain your rights.

MN’s No-Fault laws also provide for $5,000.00 in funeral expenses for the surviving family. This coverage applies even if the person killed in the St. Paul car accident is your son or daughter.

Our top rated MN car accident attorneys have helped people through the No-Fault system after a family member was in a fatal car or truck accident. Our lawyers are always willing to explain your rights to you as you go through this terrible time.


If the family member who died in the car crash has worked at least one and one-half years in the three years before her death, certain remaining family members will be entitled to social security survivor’s benefits. For more information on who is eligible for benefits and what amounts can be obtained, see You and your family are still entitled to Social Security Benefits even ifa car accidentlawyer from our officesuccessfully pursues a wrongful death claim against the party that caused the death.

If you have lost a family member in a fatal car crash, motorcycle, or truck accident in St. Paul MN, please call us so that a top car accident lawyer can more fully explain your rights to you. At a minimum you will have the right to MN No-Fault benefits, and you may also be entitled to wrongful death compensation from the insurance company of the car or truck that caused the crash.


Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are Minnesota personal injury attorneys with more than 25 years’ successful experience. We have handled hundreds of fatality and other car accident cases in St. Paul MN and throughout the state. Pam was a former partner at Meshbesher & Spence, and offers personal attention to her clients.

A top auto accident lawyer can meet with you to discuss to discuss your case at our offices in Woodburyor Minneapolis. Our car crash lawyers also meet people at their homes to discuss car accident cases anywhere in the St. Paul area including Roseville, Maplewood, Woodbury, and other cities throughout Minnesota. We will always provide you with a free initial consultation. In addition, we never charge anything until you and your family receive compensation.