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Our attorneys have represented many people injured in a St. Paul car accident.  Unfortunately, in many cases, the responding St. Paul police officer does very little investigation before writing the police report.  In some cases, even where someone is seriously injured, the St. Paul police officer will take few or no photos after the car accident. They often don’t get written statements from witnesses, and they may not even get all of the witnesses’ contact information.

This can be very frustrating for our car accident lawyers trying to help someone injured in the St. Paul crash. It can result in the victim not receiving the compensation that they should to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. The police report should be the starting point to prove which car was at fault.

Car Accident Lawyers St. Paul MN
Car Accident Lawyers St. Paul MN

If you or a family member have been injured in an auto accident in St. Paul MN, you should do all that you can to document the crash yourself. This includes taking pictures of skid marks from all directions, vehicle damages, and getting the contact information for all witnesses.  Of course, this should be the responsibility of the St. Paul police, but you cannot count on them doing it in every case.

In addition, you should call us as soon as possible after the crash so our top lawyers can begin working on your St. Paul car accident case. We have our own investigator and even after the accident we may be able to get the information needed to prove your case.


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