What is the average settlement for car accident neck injury MN


This is a question that our top car accident lawyers get asked frequently.  However, the answer really is very complicated.  The amount of the settlement compensation for a car crash neck injury depends on three things: 1. Who was at fault in causing the car accident?  If the liability is not clear the amount of the settlement will usually be adjusted.  2. What is the type of neck injury? Was the car accident neck injury a herniated disk requiring surgery or a muscle problem requiring chiropractic care?  The answer to that question makes a big difference because the amount of the medical bills will be very different, as will the amount of wage loss, etc.  Other questions include what was the pre-existing condition of the person injured in the car accident, their age, what type of job did they have, can they go back to work or is their career effected, etc. 3. How much auto insurance is available?  Regardless of how serious the car accident injury may be, it is usually very difficult to get a settlement that is more than the other driver’s insurance plus your own underinsured coverage.

Car Accident Injury Settlement Lawyers MN
Car Accident Injury Settlement Lawyers MN


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