How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Car Accident MN


In most cases, a lawyer will work on a contingency fee in a car accident or other personal injury case. This means that the lawyer only gets paid a percentage of the settlement or jury award collected. If the lawyer does not get compensation for the client, the lawyer does not get paid. Some law firms require the client to pay the expenses of the case, e.g. filing fees, cost of medical records, etc., and possibly by paying a deposit in advance. However, our firm does not do that.  We pay the client’s expenses, and if we do not make a recovery for the client, we do not ask the client to pay back the expenses.

A car accident is already stressful – having to deal with repairing or replacing your vehicle, dealing with insurance companies, doctor appointments, and missing time from work.  Having to worry about paying a lawyer or how the lawyer charges for a car accident case would make it that much more stressful.

If you have been injured in a MN car accident, call us for a free consultation with a lawyer. We will explain your rights and protect your interests. If you have questions about how a lawyer gets paid for a car accident case, we will answer your questions in detail, and we always provide a written retainer to our clients in advance, so there are no questions later. Our auto accident lawyers represent people throughout MN if they have been injured in a crash.