Bit Attacked By Neighbor’s Dog Should I Sue Compensation Lawyers MN


The answer is yes. If you or a family member is bitten or attacked by a neighbor’s dog, the neighbor’s homeowners insurance is responsible to pay medical bills and other compensation. Hopefully, you will not need rabies shots, but you may have other medical bills for scars or your injury. Our Minnesota dog bite lawyer have represented many people bitten or attacked by a neighbor’s dog. We contact the neighbor’s homeowners insurance and pursue the claim for you. Our attorneys make sure our client is fully compensated for all medical bills, lost wages, future needs, and more.

The neighbor’s insurance is responsible for a dog bite injury whether the attack occurs in our out of their house. The dog attack may occur on their property, on the street, at the park or anywhere else. It can initially be a bit uncomfortable to tell the neighbor you will be pursuing a claim against their homeowners insurance. But in most cases the neighbor feels responsible and is happy that your medical bills and other compensation is being paid.  When a top rated dog bite attorney from our office deals with the insurance company, the neighbor will usually not be involved or even hear about the situation again.

Bitten by Neighbor's Dog Homeowners Insurance Lawyer MN
Bitten by Neighbor’s Dog Homeowners Insurance Lawyer MN


If you have been attacked or bitten by a neighbor’s dog, call us for a free consultation with a best MN dog bite lawyer.  We will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected.  We only charge a percentage of what we recover for you.  Therefore, there is no upfront or hourly fee for you to pay. Our dog bite lawyers handle cases throughout Minnesota.  We have office is Edina, Minneapolis and Woodbury. Our dog attack/bite lawyers also meet people at their homes and over Zoom throughout MN.