Bit By Dog Making Delivery To House For Work MN Lawyers


Minnesota law holds the owner strictly liable if their dog bites or injures someone.  The only exceptions to this are if the person who was attacked or bitten was trespassing on the property or provoked the dog.

Dog Attack Delivery Person MN Compensation Lawyers
Dog Attack Delivery Person MN Compensation Lawyers

A dog bite lawyer in our office got a call today from a dog owner who felt they should not be responsible after their dog bit an Amazon delivery person, because they had posted a “beware of dog” sign.  The dog owner’s feeling was that the delivery person should then be more careful and is taking his chances when he goes on the property to deliver the package.  However, the law in Minnesota does not support that position.  The delivery person was not trespassing – the owner requested the package to be delivered to her house. And the delivery person did not provoke the dog, he was just minding his own business and delivering the package. Therefore, the dog owner is absolutely responsible if the dog attacks or bites the person in MN.


Our lawyers have had many cases where the dog owner tries to avoid responsibility after their dog attacks or bites someone, but the dog owner rarely gets away with it. If were attacked or injured by a dog while you were making a delivery, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  We will explain your rights to you and make sure you are fairly compensated by the dog owner’s homeowners insurance in additional to your companies workers compensation coverage.  Our attorneys have 25 years’ experience with hundreds of dog bite/dog attack cases throughout Minnesota.