Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bite Off Property


Our dog bite lawyers have represented hundreds of people in Minnesota for a dog attack. MN law is very strict in holding the dog owner responsible. Fortunately, most dog owners have homeowners insurance that will pay the necessary compensation. A dog bite or dog attack can result in significant medical bills and permanent scars or injuries.

Dog Bite Homeowners Insurance Compensation Lawyers
Dog Bite Homeowners Insurance Compensation Lawyers

Many of the cases our dog bite lawyers handle occur at the house of the dog owner.  However, homeowners insurance will cover a dog attack even if it is away from home.  For example, our dog bite lawyers have handled cases that occurred at a park, or even at the dog groomer. Occasionally, homeowners insurance policies exclude dogs completely, so it is important to know what is in your policy. But assuming the dog owner has homeowners insurance, it will cover the dog owner’s liability regardless of where the attack occurs. Homeowner’s insurance will cover medical bills for the dog bite, and also additional compensation that may be required.


If you have been attacked or injured by a dog, call us and talk to a lawyer about your rights. Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are experienced dog bite lawyers in Minnesota.  Our attorneys make sure you are fully compensated for medical bills, future needs, and more.  A person bitten by a dog may need plastic surgery to repair the scars. Other long-term issues include caring for a scar, needing to keep it protected from the sun, etc. It doesn’t matter where the dog bite happened. Inside the dog owner’s house or completely away from home, the insurance will still provide coverage.

When you call our office, a dog bite attorney will discuss your case and get the necessary information we need to present to the dog owner’s homeowners insurance. We will interview witnesses as necessary, get medical records and bills, and all other information to be successful with your case.