Dog Owner Responsible Even With Beware Of Dog Sign Posted MN Lawyer


Our top MN dog bite dog attack lawyers have been asked this question many times of the years.  The answer is yes, the dog owner is can still be responsible even with a “beware of dog” sign posted. The law in Minnesota is that the dog owner is automatically responsible if his dog attacks or injures someone. The only exceptions are if the person bitten was trespassing or provoked the dog.  For example, a mail carrier or pizza delivery person who is bitten by a dog has a claim despite the beware of dog sign.

Owner Still Responsible Even With Beware of Dog Sign
Owner Still Responsible Even With Beware of Dog Sign

Laws concerning dog bites vary from state to state. Some judges in civil dog-bite cases have ruled that the simple act of posting a “Beware of Dog” sign suggests that the homeowner knew that the pet was dangerous. Therefore, the dog owner should take all precautions to keep the dog away from people coming onto the property.


In Minnesota, the law is clear that the dog owner is responsible even if such a sign is posted. However, sometimes our best dog bite lawyers also investigate the possibility of punitive damages against the dog owner. A beware of dog sign may be an indication that the owner knew the dog was dangerous and should have done more to protect people from coming in contact with the dog. In other words, if you own a dog that people need to beware of, you should confine the dog if you are inviting people onto your property to make a delivery or to visit.

Not surprisingly, a judge is more likely to rule in a victim’s favor on punitive damages if evidence shows that the dog had bitten someone before. It’s also worth noting that many cities and counties across the nation now have laws that require a canine to be euthanized if it has two or three bites on its record.

It might be wise to replace your current signs with a less-threatening “Dog on Premises” placard, which can be purchased for $5 or $10 at most home improvement or hardware stores. Doing so will alert visitors that you have pets on your property without suggesting that the dog may maul them.


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