Bit By Dog Or Cat At Pet Store MN Injury Lawyer Compensation


Pet stores are great. In addition to the basic food and other necessities you need for your dog or cat, there are lots of toys and treats.Many pet stores will let people bring their own pet to the store to look around. However, it’s important for dog and cat owners to keep their animal under control at the pet store. There may be other animals, customers, and other distractions to make a pet feel threatened and act out.

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Bit By Cat or Dog at Pet Store Lawyers MN

Our lawyers have handled several cases for people injured at a pet store in Minnesota.We had once case where a cat got loose in the store and ultimately scratched a customer, causing a serious injection. In that case, the cat was actually owned by the store, and the case was against the store owner. Our dog bite attorneys have also had several cases where someone was bitten or attacked by a dog at a pet store. In those situations, there are medical bills from the injury and other compensation that needs to be paid.

It is important to get the name and contact person of the dog owner whose dog attacked or bit you at the pet store. The dog owner will likely have homeowners insurance to pay the required compensation for the injury. Also make sure to get the names of the pet store employees.If the pet store owns the animal that attacked or injured you, their insurance will have to pay your medical bills and other compensation.


If you have bitten by a dog or injured by an animal at a pet store in MN, call our personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.Our dog bite and animal injury attorneys have more than 25 years’ experience. We have helped hundreds of people get appropriate compensation after they were attacked or injured by a dog or other animal in Minnesota.