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Attorney for Motorcycle Accident MN
Attorney for Motorcycle Accident MN

Minnesota has many fatal motorcycle crash cases every year. In most cases, the accident is caused by a car driver not paying attention. It is tragic that car drivers do not check their mirrors before changing lanes, or pull into an intersection without carefully for oncoming traffic in both directions. Just a momentary lapse leads to a fatal accident that ends a person’s life and forever changes his surviving family. According to the MN Department of Public Safety, the number of people killed in a motorcycle accident has actually gone up the last few years.

There are many legal issues that must be addressed after a fatal motorcycle accident.  In particular, there will insurance issues that have to be sorted out. Our lawyers can help you with many of those issues and make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve. In addition, of course, there is the element of justice.  The driver of the car that hit the motorcycle needs to be held accountable. A top attorney can help you with that.


If your husband, wife, child, brother or sister was killed while riding their motorcycle, you have rights.  Our best motorcycle accident attorneys have more than 25 years’ experience representing the family of people killed in motorcycle and auto accidents throughout Minnesota. We made sure the driver of the car or truck that hit your family member is held accountable, and that you and your family receives the compensation you are entitled to. Call us and speak with a motorcycle crash lawyer for a free consultation. An attorney can meet you at one of our offices in the Twin Cities. However, we also make house calls throughout Minnesota. We never charge anything unless you receive compensation for the fatal accident.