Motorcycle Accident Facial Injury MN Lawyers


The DailyMail.Com recently reported this story. A Minnesota grandfather underwent facial reconstruction surgery after a horrifying accident. He was driving his motorcycle along Route 169 near Mankato – 80 miles south of Minneapolis – when he crashed into a pickup truck that turned into his lane.  He was immediately airlifted to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors soon discovered terrible injuries to his face.

Motorcycle Accident Helicopter Ride MN Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Helicopter Ride MN Lawyers

Even with a helmet, he suffered disastrous injuries including to his aorta, neck, legs, arms and face.  In fact, every bone in his face was broken.  After the aorta and neck injuries – which were the most severe – were addressed, he underwent imaging and CT scans of his face. From the scans, his doctor determined that he had extensive facial trauma from the motorcycle accident. The doctors said that moving his bones back to where they were supposed to be while in the operating room – the traditional method – would result in more time wasted.


Instead, they thought, why not use 3-D models to figure out how to fix the bones and in what order? First, the Mayo Clinic’s engineering team created real-life models of his facial bones as they were in their broken state. Then, they used the CT scans to recreate his face as it should look with each fracture fragment assigned a different color.

A 3-D model was printed of his skull with all the broken fragments colored differently. The surgeons used this to figure out how to put his face back together. Plates were pre-bent rather than during the operation. From there, the doctors could move the fragments back to where they belong using mirror imaging. In addition, they had a photo of his face from before the motorcycle accident.

Overall, the operation took 11 hours. However, without all the pre-planning, the doctors said it would have likely taken an extra three to four hours.

His road to recovery from the motorcycle crash has been a long one. In fact, he has had to undergo multiple surgeries to treat several injuries he sustained. ‘I recognize me,’ he said.  ‘And the most important thing is my girlfriend and my grandkids recognize me. They know who I am – I’m grandpa. I think the story just provides a general sense of hope that you could be in a pretty bad spot coming into a hospital…and there’s hope and people who could help you recover from your injuries.’


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