Chanhassen MN, Chaska, Norwood Young America Minnesota Slip Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

Our Attorneys Represent People Injured From Slip Fall Accident in Chaska MN, Chanhassen, and Norwood Young America Minnesota.

Our top injury lawyers frequently get calls from people in Chaska Minnesota, Chanhassen and Norwood Young America. There are many cases where someone was injured when they slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of a store or mall, or on the sidewalk as they were going into or out of a business or apartment building.  There has been a lot of retail development in Chanhassen MN and Chaska, including office buildings where many in the community work. People are out shopping and working year round, including winter. So there has been a lot of opportunity for slip fall accident injury cases.

Many people have heard that the owner is automatically responsible if you are injured on their property. You at least want to get your medical bills paid or sick leave reimbursed or get compensated for lost wages / unpaid time off from work because of the slip and fall accident.


Actually, in Minnesota, a property owner is not automatically responsible just because you were injured on their property. However, the owner of the property is responsible if they or their employees did something to create the condition or failed to clean it up within a reasonable time. For example, where ice has formed because of a snow-fall the night before, or if the snow is still falling during the day, the property owner is allowed to wait a reasonable time after it has stopped snowing before clearing the snow and removing the ice.

Therefore, it is very difficult to sue the property owner unless the ice and snow have been on the ground for an extended period of time without effort to clean them up.  These are challenges our top MN personal injury lawyers have experience dealing with and we know what to look for to prove your case.


However, many businesses and homeowners have medical payment coverage as part of their insurance policies. Medical payment coverage is not required, but is very common in property insurance policies, and will pay a limited amount of medical bills without proving the property owner was at fault. Our best Minnesota slip fall accident lawyer can help you with that as well.

If you or a family member are injured in a slip and fall accident in Chanhassen, Chaska, or Norwood Young America MN, please make sure to document the accident scene with photos of the area where you fell and get the name and contact information of any witnesses. (Usually this means sending a family member or friend back to the place you fell to get the pictures.) Then please call our top MN Slip and Fall lawyers as soon as possible so that we can investigate your case and explain your rights to you.

We handle cases where people slip and fall on ice and are injured, or slip or trip on something in a store. An experienced attorney will investigate your case and give you an honest answer about whether it is worth pursuing. If we can take your case, our primary focus is to make sure you are treated fairly and get complete compensation for your injury, including medical bills, lost wages, and more.


Slipped Fell Chaska Injury Lawyer MN
Slipped Fell Chaska Injury Lawyer MN


Pam Rochlin is one of Minnesota’s few women personal injury Super Lawyers and was formerly a partner at Meshbesher and Spence. Our lawyers have over 25 years’ experience successfully handling hundreds of accident injury cases in Chaska, Chanhassen MN, and throughout the state. We will provide you with a free initial consultation, and we always only charge based on a percentage of what we recover for you.

We have big firm experience but provide small firm attention. You can discuss your slip and fall case with a lawyer at our offices in Edina, Minneapolis, Woodbury, and St. Louis Park. A lawyer can also meet you at your home to discuss a slip fall injury case in Chaska MN, Chanhassen, and Norwood Young American, which are not far from our Edina office, and St. Paul which is near our Woodbury location.