Post-Concussive Syndrome after Accident

What is Post-Concussive Syndrome? MN Lawyer

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, usually occurring after a blow to the head. Long after the immediate effects of a concussion have passed, an accident victim can suffer a condition called post-concussive syndrome (also referred to as post-concussion syndrome).  Post-concussive syndrome is a complex disorder in which various symptoms – such as headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and impaired reasoning abilities – last for weeks, months and sometimes years after the injury that caused the concussion.

Our personal injury lawyers have seen many cases in Minnesota where these persistent symptoms can be so severe they have prevented our clients from working or performing everyday tasks for an extended time, and sometimes permanently.

Concussion From Accident Compensation Attorney
Concussion From Accident Compensation Attorney

Loss of consciousness isn’t required for a diagnosis of concussion or post-concussion syndrome. In fact, the risk of post-concussion syndrome after you have been injured in an accident doesn’t even appear to be associated with the severity of the initial injury.  In other words, you can have what appears to be a mild blow to the head in an accident, but still suffer the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.

Compensation for Post-Concussive Syndrome

Though the effects of post-concussive syndrome are all too real, insurance companies often fail to pay fair compensation for medical costs and other losses, by asserting that there is insufficient evidence for the injury. For example, a concussion is often undetectable on x-rays, CT scans or MRIs, which can only detect more serious and prominent brain injuries.  Therefore, if your x-ray or scan comes back negative, the insurance company will likely claim that you didn’t sustain a concussion, or that it wasn’t a serious injury. They will say your symptoms are not those of post-concussive syndrome.

This is a common challenge presented to our accident injury attorneys in a concussion case. However, while a negative x-ray or scan is typical in a concussion, concussions are still very serious and can augment the effect on the body over time.  A post-concussive syndrome case often requires multiple medical experts to determine the extent of the injury and the effect of that injury on a person’s life.  In addition to the medical experts, our lawyers also rely on family members, colleagues and friends as witnesses of the claimant’s suffering and difficulties going through day-to-day life.


When you work with an experienced injury attorney at the Rochlin Law Firm, our lawyers will work to build a successful case designed to show the true impact the injury accident has had on you. Our goal is to obtain full compensation for your concussion injury and for the consequences of your post-concussive syndrome. Call us for a free consultation.  You will speak with a lawyer who will advise you of your rights and make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company and get the compensation you are entitled to.