Car Accident Lawyers MN Summer Crashes

SUMMER CAR ACCIDENT INJURY CASES MOST FREQUENT Our car accident lawyers have handled hundreds of cases over the past 25 years. People often assume winter is our busy time of year. Yes, the roads are slippery in the winter and there can be accidents. However, while there are some serious injury car accidents in the winter, there are more in […]

Killed in Accident Pain Compensation Lawyers MN

NEW LAW ALLOWS FAMILY TO RECOVER PAIN COMPENSATION AFTER FATAL INJURY Our lawyers handle many death cases. These are actually called “wrongful death” cases. When someone is killed in an accident, their surviving family has the right to compensation. The compensation for wrongful death has always been limited. Most importantly, there is no claim for what the deceased person has […]

Child Riding Bicycle Hit By Car Lawyers MN

COMPENSATION FOR CHILD ON BICYCLE HIT BY CAR It’s a parent’s nightmare. You teach your child how to ride a bicycle. You teach them to wear a helmet and be safe. Still, tragedy can strike at any time. Our lawyers have represented many children hit by a car while riding their bicycle. Most of these cases happen on residential neighboorhood […]

Car Accident Lawyers MN – Driver High on Marijuana

MARIJUANA LEGAL IN MINNESOTA – WILL THERE BE MORE CAR ACCIDENTS? Minnesota has legalized marijuana for recreational use. (Although, the law has not taken effect yet. Click here to learn more.) We are the 23rd state to do so. There are many good reasons to legalize marijuana. However, does this create new dangers on the road? Our car accident lawyers […]

Car Accident Lawyers MN – Serious Crashes Increase

SERIOUS CAR CRASHES INCREASED DURING COVID The Star Tribune recently reported that car accident fatalities and serious injuries increased during COVID. Here is an excerpt of the article: Roads in the Twin Cities metro area became far more dangerous after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as motorists drove faster, eschewed seat belts and got behind the wheel while impaired […]

What is Restitution After an Accident?

RESTITUTION AFTER BEING INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT Some car accident cases involve criminal charges. For example, a driver may be driving without a license or insurance. Likewise, the driver could be drunk or driving recklessly. In those types of cases, there can be criminal charges against the other driver. At some point, the victim will get a form in the […]

Child Injured ATV Accident Lawyers MN

ATV SAFETY FOR CHILDREN The Star Tribune recently published an editorial about ATV safety for children. Our lawyers handle cases where a child is injured in an ATV accident. In the ATV child injury cases we have handed so far, the injuries have not been life-threatening.  However, that has just been luck. A broken arm could easily have been a […]

Bit By Dog I Was Dog Sitting

IS THERE A CLAIM IF YOU WERE BIT BY A DOG YOU WERE DOG SITTING? More dogs have been adopted the last few years than ever. Dog owners love their dogs and treat them like family members. Actually, like young children. At the same time, more people are traveling than ever. So, what do you do with your dog when […]

What to Do After a Car Accident

WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT Being in a car accident is overwhelming. It suddenly adds a bunch of things to your “to do” list that you weren’t expecting. Even if you are not injured, you have to fix or replace your car. First, where will you take it for repair?  If the car is totaled, how long will […]