Should I Get Surgery for Injury Accident

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU SHOULD GET SURGERY FOR INJURY? If you are seriously injured in an accident, the need for surgery may be obvious. For example, if your spleen if punctured or you have a compound fracture. But in many cases, the need for surgery is not immediate. Maybe you have neck pain with arm weakness that doesn’t […]

Motorcycle Hit By Car Injury Lawyers

EVERY MONTH SHOULD BE MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH Our lawyers have represented many people injured in motorcycle accidents. Most of those cases involve a negligent automobile driver who fails to see the motorcycle on the road. Unfortunately, when a car hits a motorcycle, the injuries to the rider are often serious. The U.S. Department of Transportation recently declare May 2022, Motorcycle […]

Disability Compensation From Accident Injury

COMPENSATION FOR DISABILITY FROM ACCIDENT INJURY Our lawyers help people who have been injured in an accident caused by another person. We pursue a claim against the other person’s insurance to get our clients the compensation they are entitled to. Many of our cases involve an injury requiring surgery. The hope is always that the injured person will make a […]

Car Accident Driving For Job Compensation

DRIVING FOR WORK CAR ACCIDENT COMPENSATION Our lawyers frequently get calls from people injured in a car accident while driving for their work. They usually ask, “What are my rights if I am injured in a car accident while driving for work?” “Do I get Workers Compensation?” “Can I still sue the other driver?” The answer is that you have […]

Can I Get Reimbursed For Hiring Out Cleaner After Car Accident

YOU CAN BE REIMBURSED FOR HOUSECLEANER AND MORE AFTER CAR ACCIDENT INJURY Every vehicle in Minnesota comes with No-Fault insurance.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know what this means. Our car accident lawyers explain these auto insurance policies to people every day. In most cases, No-Fault insurance comes from YOUR insurance after an auto accident. Your insurance will pay your medical […]

Should I take Money From Progressive Insurance

PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE OFFERS $1,000 ADVANCE FOR MEDICAL BILLS Over the last few years, Progressive Insurance has been offering their customers a $1,000 advance for medical bills after a car accident injury. This is confusing to people.  Our car accident lawyers are often asked to explain why Progressive does this. First you have to understand this is about Progressive customers. When […]