Car Accident Ambulance Bill

AMBULANCE SERVICE EVOLUTION AND APPRECIATION If you are injured in a car accident, an ambulance comes. The ambulance is staffed with trained first responders and advanced equipment. In many cases, it is literally a life saver. However, ambulance service was not always sophisticated as it is today. In fact, for many years, ambulance services were for transportation only. The service […]

Snowmobile Accident Lawyers Insurance

SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT INSURANCE It is shaping up to be a great year for Minnesota snowmobile riders. There is plenty of snow and the temperatures are mostly moderate. We’ve had some pretty sparse seasons the last few years, so this is welcome news. If you are going to live through Minnesota winters, you should try to enjoy some of the activities. […]

Dog Bite Lawyers – What Happens To Dog

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DOG IF YOU SUE FOR DOG BITE? Many people love dogs. Of course, most dogs love people. Unfortunately, dogs also sometimes attack people. Our dog bite lawyers have represented hundreds of people who were bitten and seriously injury by a dog. In most cases, we don’t know why the dog attacked. Yes, there are some situations […]

Scared of Dogs After Dog Bite PTSD Lawyer

FEAR OF DOGS CAUSED BY DOG BITE / ATTACK Most of our dog bite cases involve significant scars. In addition, in some cases the dog runs into our client or pushed them down, resulting in broken bones or other injuries. These injuries are improved with medical treatment, although there can be permanent problems – especially with scars. In addition to […]

Partner Killed in Car Accident What Are My Rights

WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOUR PARTNER DIES IN CAR ACCIDENT? Married couples have legal rights when one spouse is injured or killed in a car accident. But, what about unmarried partners? Our car accident lawyers have represented many unmarried couples, or an unmarried survivor. Unfortunately, the rights of an unmarried partner are often legally limited. Of course, it doesn’t […]