Fell at Gas Station Injury Lawyers

FELL AT GAS PUMP – INJURY COMPENSATION It is surprising how many gas station injury cases our lawyers have had. Most of these cases happen when someone slipped and fell, usually on ice around the gas pump. However, we have also had cases where people fall because of slippery oil that was spilled, or they trip on a deteriorated parking […]

Injured By Airbag in Car Accident Lawyers

CAR ACCIDENT INJURY FROM AIRBAG  There is no question that air bags have saved many lives and prevented many injuries. Our car accident lawyers have represented hundreds of people in bad crashes who have benefited from an airbag deployment. However, the airbag itself can often cause an injury. An airbag is a vehicle occupant-restraint system using a bag designed to […]

Will Medicare Pay Accident Medical Bills

INJURED IN ACCIDENT, WILL MEDICARE PAY MEDICAL BILLS? Our personal injury lawyers handle many cases for people on Medicare. There is often a misconception that Medicare won’t pay medical expenses for an accident where there could be an injury claim.  That is not true. Medicare will pay medical bills even if there is a potential claim against another party.  However, […]

Fell In Parking Lot Injury Lawyers

OWNER RESPONSIBLE FOR CONDITION OF BAD PARKING LOT Our lawyers have handled many cases against parking lot owners. These are always difficult cases. However, the injury from falling in a parking lot can be serious. We always went to hold the property owner responsible when someone is injured. Unfortunately, the owner is not automatically responsible just because someone fell on […]

Injured By Child Insurance Compensation

CAN YOU SUE A CHILD FOR CAUSING AN INJURY? Can a child be held responsible if they injure someone? What about the child’s parents? If the injury was caused intentionally, there may be juvenile criminal issues.  That is not an area of the law our attorneys get involved in. However, we have represented many people injured because of an accident […]

Hunting Accident Insurance

INJURED IN HUNTING ACCIDENT INSURANCE COVERAGE Hunting in Minnesota is a very popular sport. In our own family, we have generations of hunters that love to go out together every year. Everyone understands the importance of safety while hunting.  Nonetheless, accidents can happen. Our lawyers have worked on a number of hunting accident cases. The first thought is someone accidentally […]