Auto Accident Injury Caused By Unsecured Load – MN Attorneys


Thousands of auto accidents are caused every year when an unsecured load falls off a truck or the roof of a vehicle or out of the trunk of a car. If something is not properly secured and falls off a car or truck on the highway, someone can be seriously injured. Our attorneys have represented people injured in a MN auto accident because a car or truck was carrying something that was not tied down properly, as well as hundreds of other auto accident injury cases in Minnesota. A car on the highway can be hit by something falling off of another vehicle, or something that fell off another vehicle could end up in the road and other drivers run into it.

In the video below by the Minnesota State Patrol, a trooper describes some of the accident scenarios that occur.  For example, someone transporting a mattress on their car and tying it down with fishing wire or clothes line rope. People will overload their trunk and not tie it down properly, so things fall out onto the road or highway.  A car Accident because of an unsecured load is more likely to occur at high speeds on the highway because the wind from the auto’s movement caused the load to lift and apply pressure and test whatever is being used to secure it. There are very specific regulations for commercial vehicles/trucks in securing their loads, but passenger vehicle drivers are just expected to use common sense. Unfortunately, not all drivers do use common sense, and a driver may be transporting something without tying it down or having it secured properly and then flies off on the highway.

As the State Patrol trooper explains, the negligent driver who failed to secure the load and caused an accident is often not identified, even if someone is severely injured by their car hitting it.  However, if you are injured in an automobile accident because of another driver’s unsecured load, you are still entitled to certain benefits, including No-Fault coverage for your medical bills and wage loss.  If the driver of the car with the unsecured load is identified, you can also recover compensation from that driver’s insurance.  And even if the other driver is not identified, you are most likely entitled to additional Uninsured Motorist benefits from your own insurance company.


If you are injured in an auto accident because of an unsecured load that hits you or you run into something on the highway that fell off of a truck or car, call us and speak with a top attorney for a free consultation.  Our auto accident lawyers have over 25 years’ experience representing people injured in accidents throughout Minnesota. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, offering personal attention to her clients. She is tough, caring, and gets results.