Car Accident Attorneys MN Multi Vehicle Crash


The Minnesota State Patrol reported a multi vehicle crash yesterday. The crash occurred at Westbound I-94 ramp existing to Highway 241.  All involved vehicles were westbound I-94 exiting to Hwy 241. Cars on the entrance ramp were slowing due to a stalled vehicle. The rear-most vehicle rear ended the car in front of it, pushing that car into another vehicle.  A multi car collision is something our auto accident lawyers have seen in many of our MN cases.

Multi Vehicle Crash Car Accident Attorneys MN
Multi Vehicle Crash Car Accident Attorneys MN

Auto accidents near an entrance ramp are very common.  When a vehicle is driving on a highway at highway speeds, traffic can suddenly slow, or even stop, as other cars start to merge onto the highway at an entrance ramp. Unfortunately, in this reported case, there was a stalled vehicle that caused the problem and the multi car crash.

It is important to be aware of upcoming entrance ramps as you are driving on a highway, and stay alert for sudden changes in traffic speed. Because of the speed of the vehicles, and how close they may be to each other, a multi vehicle crash in MN can easily occur where one car rear ends another. As in this case, the car is then pushed forward into the next car, or is also hit again from behind because another car is following too closely. Our best Minnesota car accident attorneys have represented many people injured from multi car accidents such as this.


Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are top MN car accident attorneys.  We have more than 25 years’ experience representing hundreds of people who have been injured in a car accident, including multi car crashes.  If you have been injured in a multi car collision in Minnesota, please call us and speak with one of our attorneys for a free consultation.  Our primary focus is to make sure you get the insurance compensation you are entitled to. This includes getting your medical bills are paid, lost wages reimbursed, and any other appropriate compensation. We have offices in Edina, Minneapolis, Woodbury and St. Louis Park MN.  Our car accident injury attorneys also make house calls throughout Minnesota.