Car Accident in Round About Lawyers MN


Roundabout Accident Injury Lawyer MN
Roundabout Accident Injury Lawyer MN

Have you noticed that roundabouts are popping up everywhere in Minnesota? Our car accident lawyers have noticed. In fact, up until recently, we never had a roundabout car accident case in 25 years. Now, however, we have been getting calls regularly on round about crash cases. Of course, one of the purposes of roundabouts is to reduce serious crashes. However, this doesn’t mean crashes are reduced, only that serious crashes are.

People often get nervous at a roundabout. Especially when they are not used to it. There are actually rules and recommendations for driving on a roundabout. The MN Department of Transportation has published guidelines for using a roundabout.

Fortunately, most of the roundabout accident cases just involve minor damage to the vehicles. The design of a round about causes drivers to slow down. Many of the accidents are because one of the car stops in the roundabout and is rear ended. Sometimes, one of the cars doesn’t yield as directed and sideswipes another vehicle.


If you were injured in a car accident in a roundabout, call us for a free consultation. Our auto accident attorneys have 25 years’ experience handling hundreds of cases throughout Minnesota. We deal with auto insurance companies every day. When you call us, you will speak directly with an attorney. We will answer your questions and protect your rights. However, our primary purpose is to get you all the compensation you are entitled to. This includes payment of medical bills and reimbursement of lost wages. Additionally, there should be compensation for pain and suffering and other losses.

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