Car Accident Lawyer MN – Head On Crash Teenager Driver


The Minnesota State Patrol reported two people were killed in a crash on Thursday near Alexandria. According to the crash report, the incident happened at about 9:45 p.m. on Highway 55 in Solem Township.

A Buick, driven by a 16-year-old girl from Kensington, was traveling eastbound on Highway 55. A Ford F-150, driven by 19-year-old Joseph John Feldman, from Brooten, was traveling westbound on the highway. The vehicles collided head-on, according to the report. Both drivers were killed in the collision. This crash is a tragedy for the teenage lives lost and their surviving family. Sadly, many people’s lives are now changed forever.

Car Accident Lawyer MN Head On Crash
Car Accident Lawyer MN Head On Crash

Car accident lawyer Pam Rochlin has handed many tragic cases like this for the injured person or the family of someone killed. A head on crash is almost always going to result in serious damage and injury. In this case, the tragedy was compounded because it was two teenagers and both died in the crash. At this point, it is unclear if there was alcohol involved or one of the drivers was distracted. However, a head-on crash like this doesn’t just happen.


When you are injured in a car accident, or a family member is killed, there are a numerous legal issues to be sorted out.  For example, there are medical bills, lost income, and future needs. We have to look for all possible insurance coverage. Also, there may be criminal issues if one of the drivers was intoxicated, engaged in racing, or other illegal activity.

When you call our office for a free consultation, an experienced car accident lawyer will start to work through these issues with you. Our top attorneys will advise you and make sure your right are protected. Particularly when it comes to auto insurance questions, an experienced lawyer can be crucial. The primary purpose of our Minnesota car accident attorneys is to make sure you get all available compensation. Call us for a free consultation.