Car Accident Lawyers MN – Crash Video


The video below shows what happens when people are not careful on slippery roads. Our car accident lawyers have handled many cases like these. Unfortunately, many people refuse to slow down when necessary. The problem is that this does not just effect the irresponsible driver. This video was provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

No matter how careful you are, you are at risk when other drivers drive too fast on icy roads. Basically, your life is in other people’s hands. You are forced to rely on the intentions of others. If they choose to driver irresponsibly, you are at risk. Car accidents like those shown in the video happen every day. Fortunately, most of the crashes only result in vehicle damage. However, there are always some cases that cause injuries. That is where our car accident lawyers come in.


Our Minnesota car accident lawyers represent people who have been injured. The injury from a car accident can be minimal or severe. Either way, there are medical bills that must be paid. In addition, you may miss time from work. A car accident lawyer will get you reimbursement for these loses. The insurance issues for a car accident injury are complicated. However, our attorneys handle these cases every day. We are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and getting the best results.

Call our car accident lawyers MN for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and explain your rights. We have offices in Minneapolis, Woodbury and Edina. In addition, our attorneys meet people at their homes throughout Minnesota. The primary focus of our lawyers is to get you the compensation you are entitled to. We start with medical bills and wage loss. Of course, those have to be paid and reimbursed. However, there is often more. Our lawyers will work with you and your doctors to anticipate future needs and also get compensation for what you had to go through.