Car Accident Medical Bills MN Lawyer


Our car accident attorneys have represented hundreds of people injured in an auto accident in Minnesota. In a serious accident, the first concern people often have is how the car accident medical bills get paid. The answer is that the medical bills after a car accident get paid in several stages: First your own auto insurance pays the first $20,000 of medical bills.  This is called No-Fault coverage and is required in every Minnesota car insurance policy.  Your car insurance must pay your first $20,000 in medical bills regardless of who caused the car accident – even if you were at fault, and even if the other driver was at fault.

Medical Bills Car Accident
Medical Bills Car Accident

If your medical bills from the car accident are more than $20,000, the extra bills must initially be paid by your health insurance.  Even if the other driver in the car accident was at fault, that driver’s car insurance does not pay any medical bills until you completely settle the case at a later date.  Therefore, your health insurance pays your medical bills above $20,000, and you have to pay any co-pays or deductible, until the case against the other driver’s insurance is ready to completely settle. If you don’t have health insurance, the medical bills will just be owed until we settle the case.

Then, if the other driver is at fault and caused the car accident, their insurance will repay all remaining medical bills as part of the final settlement – up to the amount of their coverage. In addition, if your medical bills from the car accident are more than the other driver’s insurance coverage, you will be able to also have a claim for underinsured auto coverage from your own policy, up to your policy limits.


If you have been injured in a MN car accident, call us and speak with a top lawyer for a free consultation.  Our personal injury lawyers have been successfully representing people with a car accident injury for over 25 years.  We are tough, get results, and offer personal attention. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, was the 2015 president of Minnesota Women Lawyers, and has been voted a MN super lawyer for many years.  Our best attorneys will make sure your car accident medical bills are paid, plus lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.