Progressive Insurance Car Accident Settlement Offer – MN Lawyer


Our car accident lawyers frequently get calls from people injured in an auto accident who get a quick settlement offer from Progressive Insurance. The caller wants an attorney to offer an opinion on whether to take the settlement offer.

Our top MN car accident lawyers generally recommend people not accept a quick settlement offer from Progressive, or any insurance company. You should only take the offer if you know FOR SURE they were not injured in the accident, and enough time has passed so they are confident an injury won’t appear later.

When you accept a settlement offer from Progressive or any insurance company after a car accident in Minnesota, they will have you sign a full and final release of your injury claim. A settlement agreement in MN is often legally enforceable. Progressive Insurance has taken advantage of this law many times by offering an early settlement to people in a MN car accident who may not realize the extent of their injury.


Car Accident Insurance Settlement Offer


An experienced car accident lawyer in MN will also get calls from people who have taken the Progressive Insurance settlement offer, realize their mistake and now want to get out of the settlement.  Unfortunately, this is often difficult to do.  As we say, “a deal is a deal.”

Of course, like everything in the law there are some exceptions.  One of the primary considerations in getting out of an early car accident settlement is whether the injury from the accident was much worse than initially anticipated.  But it is really better not to put yourself in this situation to begin with, and just don’t settle your car accident case too soon after the crash.

If you have been injured in a MN auto accident and have received a settlement offer from Progressive Insurance or any other insurance company, you are welcome to call our office and speak with an experienced lawyer for a free consultation. Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are personal injury lawyers with more than 25 years’ experience representing people injured in a car accident. We will listen to your situation and advise you of your rights, and make sure you can fully compensated for your injuries.