How Much Is Average Car Accident Injury Settlement


Simple answer: It depends. The amount of compensation someone gets for a car accident injury settlement depends of three factors. Who was at fault in causing the crash?  How bad and life changing are the injuries (including past and future medical bills and wage loss)?  How much auto insurance is available?

Most people are surprised to find out that who was at fault is usually not the most difficult issue.  Of course there are many cases where there is a question about which car caused the crash.  In those cases, we use our investigator to interview witnesses, and an accident reconstructionist to measure and explain the physics of the crash. However, in most cases the question of which car was at fault is either obvious or quickly proved after investigation.


The amount of a car accident settlement is usually more related to the other two issues: How bad and life changing are the injuries, and how much auto insurance is available.

Average Car Accident Settlement
Average Car Accident Settlement

A crucial part of the car accident lawyer’s job is proving the extent of a client’s injury so that other people (like an insurance company or jury) can empathize with it and provide fair compensation. The extent of the injuries may not be obvious or the insurance company may claim the person had a preexisting condition. Many factors are considered when determining a fair settlement for a car accident injury – including the age of the injured person, the type of work they do, their pre-accident activities, and much more.


Likewise, the attorney must fully explore all possible sources of car insurance coverage and make sure that each available auto insurance company steps up to cover the injuries from the accident. Particularly in a catastrophic or obvious serious injury case, there may not be enough insurance on the car that was at fault to even pay all the medical bills of the person or people injured.

Most people do not know about all of the other insurance coverage available to them after a car accident that can be used for a settlement.  For example, in addition to a settlement with the other car that caused the accident, there may be uninsured or underinsured coverage on the injured person’s own car insurance.  Likewise, a passenger will have access to their own auto insurance or a relative they live with – even if the relative wasn’t driving and the relative’s vehicle wasn’t involved in the crash.

If you were injured in a car accident and have questions about compensation for medical bills, lost income at work, or pain and suffering, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. An attorney from our office will answer your questions, protect your rights, and make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.