Pedestrian Hit By Car In Crosswalk St. Paul MN Lawyer


According to a recent news report, just three of 10 automobile drivers stop for pedestrians crossing streets at non-signaled crosswalks in St. Paul. This has led to many St. Paul accidents where a person is hit in a crosswalk crossing the street.  Each top rated car accident attorney from our office has represented people injured in an accident crossing the street.

St. Paul police hope their “Stop for Me” campaign — which started Monday — might change that. The campaign will involve officers joining volunteers to hold awareness and enforcement events across St Paul. The purpose is to highlight the importance of drivers stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks. When a car hits someone crossing the street, the injury can be serious. Our lawyers have represented many people in St. Paul injured in accidents like this.

Crossing Road Hit By Car St. Paul MN Injury Lawyer
Crossing Road Hit By Car St. Paul MN Injury Lawyer

Multi-threat crashes occur when pedestrians cross four-lane roads and a driver pulls around another vehicle that has stopped. For example, for a person crossing the street. These situations are also a focus of the campaign. In many cases, the driver pulling around a stopped car is unaware that a pedestrian is crossing the street.


In addition, this year police will be more likely to mark the “Endangerment” box on citations for drivers who failed to stop at a crosswalk. The driver will then have to appear in court, rather than just paying a fine.

“This is a very serious violation and that’s why the city’s police officers will be taking the extra step to ‘check the box’ when it is reasonable to do so,” the St. Paul Police Chief said in a statement.  “Every one of these crashes is avoidable. We all need to do our part to drive safely and obey the law.”

Researchers from St. Paul, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the University of Minnesota will study how to change drivers’ behavior to help ensure they stop for pedestrians routinely. This summer, researchers will monitor several of the busiest intersections in St. Paul. They are:

  • Snelling and Blair avenues.
  • Randolph and South Prior avenues.
  • East Seventh Street and Bates Avenue.
  • Summit Avenue and South Chatsworth Street.
  • Dale and Jessamine streets.
  • East Maryland Avenue and Walsh Street.
  • White Bear and East Nebraska avenues.
  • Marion Street and Charles Avenue.


If you have been hit by a car in St Paul while legally crossing the street or have been in a car accident, call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  Our car accident lawyers will make sure you get the insurance compensation you are entitled to.  Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin have been trusted for more than 25 years.  We have helped hundreds of people injured in a car accident or a pedestrian hit by a car crossing the street in St. Paul and throughout MN. A lawyer will come to your home in St. Paul to discuss your case in person, or you can meet us at our nearby office in Woodbury.