What Is The Statute Of Limitations For a Car Accident In MN?


Our MN lawyers are often asked, “how long do I have to sue after I was injured in a car accident?”  It is very important to understand the statute of limitations for your car accident case, especially if you were injured.  This is because if you miss the statute of limitations, your case may be lost forever. Unfortunately, the date of the statute of limitations for your auto accident case is often not simple and depends on the facts of your specific situation.  Our strong suggestion, therefore, is that you call and speak with a top rated car accident lawyer about the specific facts of your case, so we can give you an accurate answer.  With that warning given, we will still provide some basic general information here, even though, again, you should speak with an attorney regarding your specific situation – and do not rely solely on this general information.


Injury Statute of Limitations – MN Attorneys


The first thing to know about the statute of limitations for a Minnesota car accident injury case is the proper way to comply with it.  To comply with the statute of limitations, you have to do more than notify the other party about your claim, you have to actually start a lawsuit.  Most car accident cases will be brought in state court.  In MN state court, a lawsuit is started when the formal complaint is served on the defendant.  In federal court, a lawsuit is started when the complaint is filed in court.


Generally, for auto accident injury cases the MN statute of limitations is six years from the date of the accident. However, there are several important exceptions to this rule.  For example, if the car crash results in someone’s death, the statute of limitations for the surviving family is three years from the date of the accident.  Another important exception has to do with drunk driver cases, which have both a notice requirement for a bar that may have illegally served the driver, as well as a two-year statute of limitations for a case against the bar. Other exceptions that can reduce the statute of limitations include cases against a car manufacturer where there was a defect in the design or construction in the car that contributed to the accident. In cases where the injured person is a minor at the time of the crash, the statute of limitations in some circumstances may be extended to the minor’s nineteenth birthday.

As mentioned, the statute of limitations for a car crash will depend on the facts of the individual case, so you should consult with an experienced lawyer to get the correct answer for your situation. In addition, even though the statute of limitations for many MN car accidents is 6 years, the cases tend to get worse over time – witnesses become harder to find, memories fade, etc.  Therefore, our auto accident attorneys recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you have a potential injury claim to preserve your rights and let us fully prepare your case.


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