What does it cost to hire a lawyer?


A person who suffers a personal injury in Minnesota can usually hire a lawyer on the basis of a contingent fee – most often a 1/3 contingent fee. That means the person who has suffered the personal injury does not have to pay any attorneys fees until their claim is resolved and money has been recovered for them. If no money is recovered, the client does not owe any attorneys fees or expenses.

For example, sometimes we start working on an automobile case that later involves no claim because our client makes a complete recovery, and does not meet the threshold requirement for a settlement. If that happens, we charge no costs or fees, i.e. there is no cost to the client. However, we have also had many situations where our client at first does not initially seem to have a significant injury, but later learns that their injury is quite severe. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us soon after your accident. It allows us to prepare your case and guide you along the way.  I

Unlike some law firms, we also pay for all of our clients’ costs until their case is resolved. These costs may include obtaining medical records and doctors’ reports, court filing fees, deposition costs, and investigation costs. We are only reimbursed these costs when money is recovered at the end of the case. However, if there is no recovery for you, we do not send you a bill for the costs we incurred on your case – we write that off.

For each client, we put our contingency fee agreement in writing. The agreement is signed by the client and the attorney, and the client gets a copy of the agreement right from the beginning.