Attacked By Dog At Off Leash Park MN Lawyers


Our Minnesota dog bite lawyers recently came across this news account of serious injuries after a dog attacked a woman at a dog park.  According to the news report, the woman says she’s been left injured after being attacked by three pit bull crosses while trying to protect her dog at an off-leash park. The woman says she and a friend had taken four small dogs — including her Chihuahua-Jack Russell cross, and her mother’s 11-year-old Chihuahua mix — for a walk.

The woman was taken to hospital with puncture wounds and scratches to her buttocks from the dog attack.

She and her friend had just closed the gate after entering the park’s off-leash area when an unleashed dog identified as a pit bull cross approached. She described the dog as being in “attack stance.” At that point, she picked up her dog, who growled as the larger dog and two others approached. When she set down her dog, who was leashed — the three dogs pinned her small Chihuahua-Jack Russell to the ground.

The woman said she yanked her dog’s harness to pull him free and picked him up again, trying to turn her body to shield him. That’s when the three dogs turned on her. “I can hear the dogs jaws closing trying to bite. At that point it was just chaos,” she said. “They were in full-on attack mode. I was screaming.”


She said she heard the attacking dogs’ owners yelling, trying to help, as all seven dogs barked. She says she kept trying to push one of the large dogs away with her hip, at which point that animal bit her buttocks. A stranger had to help pull off the dog that had sunk its teeth into her, but she isn’t sure that was the only dog who bit her.

“There was blood everywhere. I didn’t know what happened. All I could hear was ripping clothes,” she said.

The owners of the three dogs appeared to be a man and a woman, who offered her identification. Witnesses said the pair asked if the woman and her friend were OK, and moved the dogs away to calm the situation as soon as they got them under control by grabbing their collars. “I think they were in as much shock as us,” she said.

Her friend said the incident was horrifying, and described the woman as traumatized.

Bitten Attacked By Dog At Park MN Attorney
Bitten Attacked By Dog At Park MN Attorney

Police and an ambulance were called and paramedics took the dog bite victim to hospital. She was treated for her wounds, given a tetanus shot and prescribed antibiotics. Her family shared photos of her in bloodied sports pants, and images of the deep punctures and angry red scratches on her backside.

She wants the owners of the three dogs that attacked her held accountable. “I’m not saying ‘kill these dogs.’ I’m a dog lover and I would never act like it’s the dog’s fault,” she said. “I would just like to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If I had a small child or an elderly person with me they could have been seriously hurt or killed.”


Off leash dog parks are usually great for dogs to exercise and socialize, but sometimes uncontrolled or untrained dogs act out.  It is important for a dog owner to make sure their dog is well prepared before bringing it to an off leash dog park. And the dog owner should stay near their dog at all times in case there is a problem.

Our dog attack dog bite lawyers have handled many cases were a person is injured by a dog. We make sure the dog owner and their homeowners insurance pay for medical bills and compensation for any scarring or permanent injury.  If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog at an off leash dog park, call us for a free consultation with a top MN injury lawyer.