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Our dog bite lawyers frequently handle cases involving a child. Sadly, children are the most frequent victims of a dog bite or dog attack.

Here is a case recently reported online of a dog that bit a child:

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A 10-year-old boy described the frightening moments when he was bitten by a dog that, he said, was about to attack his little sister. Meanwhile, his mother pleaded for the public’s help in identifying the animal’s owner in the hopes that he will come forward.

The boy was walking to school with his siblings when the dog set its sights on them. The boy said the canine was about to jump on his 6-year-old sister. “This guy with a big dog, was like walking past us. We were walking past him, and then the dog was looking at my sister,” he said. However, when the dog lunged for his sister, the boy jumped in front of her. That was quite a heroic act for a 10-year-old.


“The dog bit me on my shoulder. I tried to fight it off and I have a scar on my hand,” he said. “The owner was like standing there. I think he was in shock, and then, like a couple of seconds later, the owner pinned the dog to the ground and slapped it on the head and said, Bad dog.”

The boy’s mom said a good Samaritan took the children home. “Both of my daughters were screaming,” she said. Paramedics responded to the home and transported the boy to the hospital. “At first it looked pretty bad. The holes that are in his arm, it looks as if he got shot.” said his mom. “However, he’s very strong. He doesn’t wear the pain on his face. Of course, it was also hard for me to have to watch him go through that, and then to find out that the dog could have possibly attacked his 6-year-old sister. She’s nothing but a toothpick, like, she’s very small. I would have went, like, from one tragedy to the next.”

The boy has received several stitches. In addition, he has started rabies shots because the dog was not identified. Fortunately, the boy will be okay. Of course, there will still be significant medical bills. In addition, there will also be at least a small scar.


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