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Our injury lawyers have handled many cases in Minnesota where a dog bites a child, usually a neighbor’s dog at the neighbor’s house. If your son or daughter is bitten by a dog in MN, please speak with a best dog bite lawyer at our office for a free consultation. You have the right to recover medical bills and your child must be compensated for the scarring and pain suffered. Sometimes, the child’s dog bite injury is a small scar on the hand or face. However, our MN dog bite attorneys have also represented families where the dog causes a very serious injury to the child. This may require surgery to reconstruct the face and a permanent scar.

Whether the injury and scar is severe or not, the child is still entitled to compensation for the dog bite. The primary focus of our lawyers is to get your child the compensation they are entitled to.

The dog bite law in MN is very strict in holding the dog owner responsible, and most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for an injury caused by a pet. When the animal is owned by a neighbor, family friend or relative, they are usually relieved that compensation is available for your child. We will explain the dog bite insurance issues when you call our office. We will also help you assure your family member or neighbor that they will not personally suffer because of the dog bite insurance claim.


If your child is injured from a dog bite or dog attack in MN, or your child is injured by a dog, please call us and a top attorney will discuss the situation with you and answer your questions. Our personal injury attorneys have 25 years of experience handling hundreds of injury cases. We are a family owned law firm and we offer personal attention to your case and help for your family. Our lawyers know what to do and how get fair compensation if your child is bitten by a dog.

Child Bitten By Dog Lawyers MN
Child Bitten By Dog Lawyers MN

Our lawyers recently came across an article that discusses why dogs bite children and we wanted to share it with others in an effort to prevent future incidents:

As reported in the medical journal Injury Prevention, researchers at the veterinary behavioral clinic examined 111 cases of dog bites by 103 dogs (representing 41 different dog breeds) that took place over a four-year period.


Several notable patterns came to their attention: the dogs displayed territorial behavior, anxiety, or were coping with medical issues at the time the biting occurred.

Researchers suggest the main cause of aggression in dogs stems from territorial behavior:

  • Children under the age of 6 were more likely to be bitten when a dog felt the kids were threatening to take his food or toys.
  • Older children were bitten when the dog felt the kids were intruding on his territory.
  • A dog was more likely to bite children he knew while he was guarding his food.
  • A dog was more likely to bite children he didn’t know while he was protecting his territory.

Anxiety May Lead to Biting

Of those dogs studied, three quarters exhibited anxiety due to:

  • Separation distress
  • Sudden noise such as thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Noise and unpredictable movements from young children

An anxious dog frightened under these circumstances may be more prone to bite children, whether or not they are familiar with them.


Pain Pushes Dogs Over the Edge

Common sense may tell an adult not to touch a dog in pain. Kids, however, may not be able to discern when a dog is hurting. In fact, half of the dogs studied by researchers had medical conditions such as liver and kidney disease, eye problems, and diseases that affected their bones and skin.

Other studies have revealed that boys ages 5 to 9 are bitten by dogs five times more than any other group or people. Their loud, energetic and sometimes aggressive actions simulate behavior displayed between young dogs. What do dogs typically do when playing with one another? They bite. The faster and louder kids get, the more dogs become stimulated and likely to bite or attack.

In addition, dogs bite when they don’t like the way someone is playing with them. Study a fed up dog’s behavior: a turned back, lying down, a curled lip, or quite obviously, growling. Children have a tendency to tug on dogs’ ears, pull on their tails or jump on their backs. While some dogs may tolerate this, others will grow tired of it quickly and could bite the child.


Pam and David Rochlin are experienced Minnesota lawyers for a child that was bit by a dog or injured. We have more than 25 years’ experience successfully helping children and their families get medical bills paid and getting fair compensation for their dog bite injuries and scars. A dog bite case is almost always covered by the dog owner’s homeowners insurance. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, and offers personal attention to clients in a smaller firm environment.

Our top dog bite lawyers in MN have handled injury cases for children in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Anoka, Rogers, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Chanhassen, Chaska, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Albert Lea, Woodbury, and throughout the state. If your child was bitten by a dog, you can talk to a lawyer in our office to learn your rights. Call us for a free consultation and we will answer your questions.