Dog Bite Attack Lawyer Maple Grove MN


Our Minnesota personal injury attorneys handle cases every year for people who have been bitten by a dog in Maple Grove and Plymouth. Sadly, these cases most frequently occur when a dog bites a child, but we also handle many cases of dogs biting neighbors, postal workers, and other visitors to the home. In addition to dog bite cases, our top Maple Grove lawyers also handle a surprising number of cases where a dog knocks a person down or attacks and injures someone another way.

The primary focus of our injury lawyers in a dog bite or dog attack case, is to make sure the medical bills and lost wages of our client (or their parents) are paid, and our client is fairly compensated for the injury. This always includes compensation for any permanent scaring and future medical needs. It is not just Pit Bulls and Bulldogs that attack and bite, our lawyers have represented people in cases involving injuries because of many different dog breeds.

Dog Attack Lawyers Plymouth Maple Grove Cases MN
Dog Attack Lawyers Plymouth Maple Grove Cases MN

The laws in Minnesota are strong about holding the down owner responsible to the victim in cases where a person is injured by a dog. A dog owner can only avoid being held responsible if the victim provoked the dog or was trespassing at the time of the attack. People injured by a dog in Plymouth or Maple Grove MN can even recover if the dog injures them by accident, such as by knocking them down.


When our top dog bite lawyers represent someone injured in Maple Grove or Plymouth, our investigation always starts with proving there was no provocation or trespassing. We will get the police report, and our investigator will interview and get statements from witnesses and the people involved. An experienced dog attack attorney will then focus on documenting the injury from the dog bite, including good photographs, medical records and bills, and documentation of any lost wages.

In most cases, our lawyers will pursue the claim against the homeowner’s insurance of the dog owner. Fortunately, homeowners insurance covers dog attack and dog bite injuries. In most cases, the dog owner is relieved to be able to fairly compensate the victim through insurance. Occasionally, if the dog attack occurs at another person’s home who does not own the dog, our dog bite attorney is able to bring a claim against another insurer. Therefore, very early on in the case, we make sure the dog owner in Plymouth or Maple Grove has homeowner insurance or we determine if there is other insurance that might be available.

Homeowners insurance will cover a dog bite even if the incident does not occur at the dog owner’s home, e.g. at the park or when visiting someone else.


If you are injured by a dog in Maple Grove, or any other city in Minnesota, please call us as soon as possible so that one of our best lawyers can investigate your claim and start preparing your case. Our injury lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience successfully representing people injured in dog attacks and dog bites in Maple Grove and Plymouth MN. We also work in St. Paul MN, Roseville, South St. Paul, White Bear Lake, and Forrest Lake MN. A top dog bite attorney will meet you at our office in Edina, Woodbury, St. Louis Park or Minneapolis, or we can come to your home in Maple Grove or Plymouth.

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