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Many workers come into contact with dogs every day on the job. For example, mail carriers and newspaper carriers often deliver to homes that have dogs, cable and satellite workers have to go into house with dogs, utility and repair workers work on people’s property or in their homes every day. The law in Minnesota is very strict in holding the dog owner responsible for injury or bites caused by their dog.

Homeowners should restrain their dog when they know a worker is coming over – even if the dog has never bit anyone before. Unfortunately, sometimes the dog owner just doesn’t act responsibly. The homeowner often thinks the dog won’t attack, or just forgets to lock the dog in a room. Even when the owner tries to be careful, sometimes the dog just gets out and attacks or bites the worker on the job. As a result, our top rated dog bite lawyers in MN have handled many of these injury cases over the years.

We have also represented many postal workers, Federal Express or UPS delivery people, and many others. Our attorneys have even represented pizza delivery people bitten or attacked by a dog when the homeowner has just ordered the pizza and knows the delivery was coming soon with food.

Bitted By Dog at Someone's House MN Lawyer
Bitted By Dog at Someone’s House MN Lawyer


Fortunately, most homeowners have MN homeowners insurance to cover a dog attack or dog bite injury to a worker at their house. At a minimum, an employee will be entitled to workers comp after a dog injures him or her while on the job working. However, workers comp benefits in Minnesota are limited, so to be fully compensated, you will have to pursue a claim against the homeowners insurance as well. Our best dog bite attorneys for MN workers injured on the job will work to make sure you get fair and complete compensation for your injuries.


If you have been attacked by a dog or other animal on the job, please call and speak with a dog bite lawyer at our office for a free consultation. Our lawyers will explain your legal rights and entitlement to fair compensation. An experienced lawyer will make sure you are compensated by the homeowner beyond workers compensation. We are Minnesota personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience successfully handling hundreds of injury and dog bite cases.

A top lawyer will discuss your dog attack while working case with you and explain your rights. We have offices in Edina, Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, and Woodbury. Our lawyers also come to your home to discuss your dog bite or dog attack while working case in St. Paul MN, Maplewood, and Forest Lake. Also, Anoka MN, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Lakeville, Apple Valley, and other cities throughout Minnesota. There is no obligation on your part, and we always only charge a percentage of the compensation you receive.

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