Dog Bite Lawyers MN – Dog Escaped And Bit Neighbor


The Humane Society seized a dog Thursday after reports that it bit two people in the neighborhood on Wednesday. The dog’s owner told Channel 11 his dog got loose because the swivel on her collar was worn down.

According to the news report, the search for the dog had 11th Street and Beaver Avenue on lockdown for several hours. Neighbors were scared to leave their houses. “The dog was running around the neighborhood. The dog would literally run up and attack their doors. That dog was mean,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors Dog Attacked Bit MN Compensation Lawyer
Neighbors Dog Attacked Bit MN Compensation Lawyer

“The dog ripped my leg up pretty well. Took a big chunk out of my calf,” he said after being attacked by the neighbor’s dog. “I have 11 stitches in my right calf. Part of the muscle’s missing.” He was also bitten on the arm. When he ran for help, the dog went after other people, including an elderly woman. “The dog was headed right for her,” he said. “I jumped off the porch and got that dog’s attention and had him come back and attack me just to avoid that lady.”

After the dog was captured late Wednesday night, it was returned to its owner only because no agency could take it. The neighbor dog owner told Channel 11 his dog is not dangerous, and that he has her for his protection. However, he understands she has to be quarantined and possibly put down. He also said the animal did not have its rabies shots, so those victims will have to be treated for that, as well. According to police, the dog will have to be put down and the owner will face charges.


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