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A school is supposed to be a safe place for children, and in general it is.  However, sometimes a school policy is not followed correctly by staff, or teacher makes a mistake, or other school staff just isn’t paying attention. Our MN personal injury lawyers have represented many parents whose child was injured in an accident at school and other situations.

When a child is injured in an accident at school or anywhere else, there are several legal issues to keep in mind.


First, although the child has suffered the injury, the parents are still responsible for the medical bills. Therefore, when our top MN injury attorneys are hired to help where a child has been injured, we represent the child first, but we also make sure that the parents are reimbursed for their expenses including medical bills.

Second, any settlement of the child’s injury case must be approved by a Minnesota court at what is called a Minor Settlement Hearing. This is required by law so that the court can make sure the settlement is fair for the child.

Third, any settlement for the child’s injury will generally not be available to the child until he or she is at least 18 years old, unless a judge agrees that the money is needed sooner for the benefit of the child. The settlement money must be invested in a very safe way (bank deposit, insurance annuity, etc.) and the investment can only be in the name of the injured child and can only be withdrawn starting at age 18.

Many times, parents of a child who has suffered an accident injury in Minnesota will have our lawyers structure the child’s payments so that they become available to the child at a later time than age 18 – which is permitted by law. For example, the payments may be yearly starting age 18, or not start until age 22 when the child graduates college so that the child and family can still qualify for financial aid. These are issues that our MN child injury lawyers will discuss with you in more detail when you call our office.

Lawyer For Child Injured At School MN


When a child is injured at school in MN, there are some very specific legal issues that come up. First, the law in Minnesota makes it is very difficult to hold a school, teacher, or school official responsible for an injury that occurs at school. However, while it is difficult, there are still some situations where it is possible.

When you call our office and speak with an attorney about your child’s injury at a school in MN, we will carefully go over the facts of the case with you to determine if there is a potential case against the school. When your child has been injured on the playground or injured in gym class, whether a claim can be brought against the school depends on the specific facts.

If the injury at school was caused by another child or classmate, our attorneys will also explore the possibility of bringing a claim against the homeowner’s insurance for the other child or classmate who injured your child. Similarly if your child is injured on a school bus accident, our MN injury lawyers will look at liability of the school bus and the other driver that may have caused the accident.


David Rochlin and Pam Rochlin are experienced Minnesota personal injury lawyers with more than 25 years’ experience successfully representing children and their parents in hundreds of injury cases. Pam Rochlin is a former partner at Meshbesher and Spence, offering small firm attention and personal service. Pam and David are married and have three children of their own. We treat our clients like they are a part of our family.

We have offices where you can come to discuss your child’s school injury case with an attorney in Edina, Minneapolis MN, St. Louis Park and Woodbury. If your son or daughter is injured in an accident at school, a lawyer can also come to your home in St. Paul MN, Chanhassen, Chaska, Maple Grove, Anoka, Rogers, Forest Lake MN, Apple Valley, White Bear Lake, Brooklyn Park, and other cities throughout Minnesota. We will always provide you with a free initial consultation and we never charge anything unless your child receives compensation for the injury.