Tripped On Sidewalk Because of Construction Work


Our personal injury attorneys recently settled a case for a woman who tripped on a sidewalk. This incident occurred at about 5:15 p.m. Our client was just out for a walk. She started from her house and was just walking a few blocks through the neighborhood. When she started walking it was dusk out, and at the time of the incident it was just getting dark.

She was walking on the sidewalk along the north side of the street when her foot suddenly caught on something and she fell hard. What she caught her foot on was an insulation hose that had been run across the sidewalk from a contractor’s truck. The hose went from the truck to a house the contractor was working on. Therefore, the hose had to run across the sidewalk.

However, the contractor ignored any safety precautions. Despite the hose being black, and the fact that it was dark out, there were no cones, lights, reflector tape.  Nothing to alert anyone walking on the sidewalk that there was a dark hose extending across the pathway.  Nor were there any barricades or other barriers/fencing to keep pedestrians from walking into an area that is a clear trip hazard. Unfortunately, our client did not see the hose, so she tripped and fall, sustaining a serious injury.

Injured From Contractor Construction Material
Injured From Contractor Construction Material

Another woman, who was out for a walk with her dog, witnessed the incident.  The witness described the hose as being black or blue, and about the size of a soup can in diameter.  She states that given the lack of light, and no warning, the hose was very difficult to see. She was also nice enough to help our client get to the hospital.


The truck where the hose originated had the contractor’s name on it, and the hose extended across the sidewalk to a house the contractor was working on. Apparently, the contractor installs insulation in homes, and the hose was being used to get the insulation from the company truck to the house.

Fortunately, the evidence we gathered showed clear negligence by the contractor  The contractor should obviously not run a dark hose across a public sidewalk after dark – without warnings, lights, or barricades to keep people from tripping on it. Our accident injury lawyers have worked on similar cases throughout Minnesota. If you are injured because a contactor created a dangerous situation, call us for a free consultation with an attorney.