Fell Near Construction Area Bad Lighting MN Lawyers


We recently had a family member injured while walking near a construction site. She had been at a Thanksgiving dinner, and decided to take her dogs for a walk when she got home.  Long story short, she tripped and fell and broke a bone in her foot and has a big bruise on her upper thigh.  She was walking the dogs towards a Caribou and was approaching a new apartment construction site where it is very dark, with no streetlights, and parts of the sidewalk are either under construction or the sidewalk has been dug up and is missing. She was walking on the street where the sidewalk was missing, but it was very dark and cars were coming close to her and the dogs, so as soon as she could, she got back up on the sidewalk. She could easily see the white curb so she lifted her foot up for that, but there was also something black on top of the curb which in the dark she couldn’t see which is when she fell.

When a construction company tears up a sidewalk as part of their building project, they should block off the area and arrange for a safe walkway, or post warning signs and make sure there is good lighting until they are done. Our lawyers have represented many people injured in MN trip fall cases because of bad or inadequate lighting or lack of a warning sign, including at a construction site. Fortunately this family member will just be in a boot for a short time and then should be fine.  However, we have represented many people who have sustained a serious injury from a fall like this.

If you are injured from a fall at a construction area because of bad lighting conditions, please call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected. Our accident injury attorneys take cases throughout Minnesota and we will come to you.