Injured Someone Away From Home Homeowners Insurance


Most people think of homeowners insurance as covering damage to their house, which it does. However, homeowners insurance also covers personal liability on the part of the homeowner in most cases.  For example, if someone slipped and fell on your driveway, or your dog bites someone.  But in addition to that, homeowners insurance will also cover the homeowner, and all family members, if they accidentally injure someone while away from home.

Accident Injury Homeowners Insurance Lawyers MN
Accident Injury Homeowners Insurance Lawyers MN

Our lawyers have handled many cases where one person injures another, where we bring a claim against homeowners insurance.  And the homeowners insurance will cover the claim even if the accident did not occur at the home. For example, in one case, a teenager accidentally injured a friend at school. The injury was serious with significant medical bills, because of a prank gone wrong. The teenager was automatically insured as part of his parents’ homeowners policy, so the accident was covered even though it happened away from the home.


It may seem uncomfortable to “sue” a friend or neighbor, but if the other person injured negligently they will want to help in any way they can. If they have homeowners insurance, the insurance will pay your claim – which is why they have insurance to begin with.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, our attorneys may be able to help you. Call our office for a fee consultation about your case. Our lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience represented injured people throughout Minnesota. We will discuss your situation with you to see if you have a case for compensation. The primary focus of our lawyers is to make sure your medical bills are pain, lost wages are reimbursed, and you receive all other appropriate compensation. We understand the laws for homeowner insurance and we will apply it to your situation.