Injured At Someone’s House – Medical Bills Compensation Lawyer MN


Many accidents happen in the home, and often it can happen to you when you are visiting someone else’s house. Our personal injury lawyers have represented many people who were injured at a friend or relative’s house. Fortunately, almost every homeowner has homeowners insurance that will pay for medical bills and other compensation when someone is injured at their house.

Our attorneys have represented people for all kinds of injures at someone else’s house. The most frequent injury we see is a dog bite or dog attack.  But other types of injury cases at someone’s house include slip fall or trip fall accidents, a tool malfunction or explosion, being burned at someone’s house, any many others. However, you were injured, the key to a claim is having evidence to show the insurance company that it was the homeowners fault in some way. Having pictures and witnesses are the best forms of proof. If the injury is caused by a defective machine or an explosion, it is also important to save the thing that caused the injury so that the homeowners insurance or the manufacturers insurance can examine it to determine what happened.

Our lawyers for an accident at someones house have also represented people injured in a swimming pool accident, boating accident, ATV accident and many other situations. If you have been injured at someone’s house in Minnesota, call us and speak with a top injury lawyer for a free consultation.  Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience helping people throughout MN get fair compensation for accident injuries. This includes medical bills, lost wages, future needs, and more.