Should I Use Lawyer Recommended By Chiropractor


Our injury attorneys have represented many people who treat with a chiropractor. Chiropractors do good work, and they often help our clients. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often hostile to chiropractic treatment and resist paying the bills. For this reason, may injury cases with chiropractic care end up needing a lawyer.

Injury Lawyer David Rochlin
Injury Lawyer David Rochlin

Some chiropractors have lawyers they work with regularly and will refer patients to them.  Therefore, people will ask the question: Should I use the lawyer recommended by my chiropractor? In general, this is probably not a good idea, but there are some exceptions. When the insurance company, or a jury, sees a relationship between the chiropractor and the lawyer, they are more suspicious of the claim. For example, they will ask whether the chiropractor is providing opinions just to support the lawyer’s case. Likewise, they may ask if the lawyer took the case just to help the chiropractor.

We frequently get calls from chiropractors wanting to enter into mutual referral relationships. They offer to refer patients to us if we will refer our clients to them. Our injury lawyers do not get involved in those situations. We prefer our clients to find their own medical providers and then hire us independently.


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