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Our injury lawyers handle scooter cases throughout Minnesota.In one case, the crash occurred in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.The sun was setting, but it was not yet dark out. Our client was on her way home from work, riding her motor scooter.She was headed eastbound on Robinson Drive, while the car was headed northbound on Martin Street.

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Scooter Hit By Car Lawyers MN

Martin Street ends at Robinson Drive.As the car was approaching Robinson Drive, it would have to turn left or right. There is a stop sign on Martin Street for traffic on Martin Street (like the car) to yield to those vehicles on Robinson Drive. There are no traffic control devices (stop signs or traffic lights) for traffic on Robinson Drive at this intersection.

Our client was simply riding on Robinson Drive and, just as she was passing Martin Street, the car suddenly pulled out, causing a collision. The driver of the car told the responding police officer he was going to make a left turn. Apparently, he must have looked to his right to check for oncoming cars from that direction. Unfortunately, he didn’t look to his left again before entering the intersection to start his turn.He therefore pulled out into the intersection and our client crashed into his car.

This kind of accident happens frequently with motor scooters, motorcycles, and even bicycles.Since scooters have become more popular, there has been a surge inemergency room visits for fractures, dislocations and head trauma, the CDC found in a study. Driver distraction and inattention are the main causes.


If you are hit by a car on your motor scooter, call us for a free consultation.A top personal injury lawyer will answer your questions and explain your rights. Depending on your injury, there may be significant medical bills and lost time from work. Our accident injury lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience making sure people are appropriately compensated.Of course, this starts with medical bills and lost wages. However, depending on the situation, more may be required. When you call our office, we will discuss this with you further. The consultation is free. Also, there is never any fee if you do not receive compensation.