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The most common car accidents our attorneys see are rear end collisions. People are often rear ended on the highway when traffic starts to back up or slow down, and the vehicle behind isn’t paying attention or keeping a safe stopping distance. When it is a truck or semi-tractor trailer that causes the rear-end collision, the damages and injuries are often very serious.

Our best Minnesota truck accident lawyers know that after a rear end car accident, there may be neck stiffness that can go away after a few days. But sometimes, particularly if you are rear-ended in your auto by a semi, the accident can result in very serious neck damage, possibly even involving surgery. Our attorneys have also seen many Minnesota car and truck crash cases where the impact with the shoulder belt causes a serious injury to the person’s shoulder, and we frequently see hand and wrist injuries where our client’s hands were unexpectedly jammed forward into the wheel.


A top car accident lawyer in our office recently handled a MN case where a car was rear ended by a truck and the steering column was pushed into our client’s leg and broke the bone in several places.  It is also common to have back pain, particularly low back pain, after your car is rear ended by a semi truck or other vehicle. The worst injuries are usually where a semi truck hits a car from behind.

Our attorneys have handled cases where a tractor trailer or semi truck rear-ended a car or motorcycle or other vehicle, and after the car or vehicle is hit from behind by the truck, it is pushed into other cars ahead, or into a median or oncoming traffic. These rear end truck accidents can produce serious injuries and even kill people in some cases.


One of the surprising things about a rear end car accident is that the driver hitting you from behind is not automatically always at fault. Generally, the law requires drivers to keep a safe distance behind the car a head of them. However, there are occasionally instances where the car ahead comes to a sudden stop.  It may be because traffic came to a sudden unexpected stop, or because of something going on with the car of the first driver. In those cases, the insurance companies will at least try to use that as a defense. This is a fight our rear end auto and truck accident attorneys have been in many times.

With truck accidents, however, the truck has even more responsibility than other vehicles to keep a safe distance behind the other cars. Trucks and other commercial vehicles are so large and heavy that they can be more difficult to stop when they have momentum on the highway. Therefore, a truck driver has to be extra vigilant to leave plenty of space between his truck and the car ahead to avoid a rear end accident, and should undergo extensive training to be alert and careful at all times.


If you have been rear ended in your car by a truck or other commercial vehicle, you are welcome to call us so that a top MN truck accident lawyer can explain your rights to you. At a minimum you will have the right to Minnesota No-Fault benefits, and you may also be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the insurance company of the car or truck that hit you. Our best attorneys will also be happy to discuss how to get your car damage paid for.

Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are Minnesota personal injury attorneys with more than 25 years’ experience successfully handling hundreds of rear end car and truck accident injury cases. Pam was a former partner at Meshbesher & Spence, offering small firm attention to her clients.

If you have been rear ended and injured by a semi truck in MN, a car accident lawyer can meet you to discuss your case at our offices in Edina, Woodbury and Minneapolis. A semi-truck accident attorney can also meet you at your home to discuss a truck accident injury case in St. Paul, Rogers MN, Elk River, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Chanhassen MN, Chaska, and other cities throughout Minnesota. We will always provide you with a free initial consultation and we never charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.